Jan 2013|Vol 10|Iss 1

A case of Psoriasis


Dr.E.Prasanna Babu, BHMS
Venkateshwara Homoeo Clinic
No.18 A/ 1 Pattala Street, Toll gate
Chinna Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu - 631501



        A fifty four years old male came with psoriatic eruptions both upper limbs since thirteen years. Eruptions mainly both arms and forearms with lower back also. Itching < Night+++, evening, cold weather++. Itching better in summer.Patient went allopathy and siddha for past many years but not improved.

Past history

Known asthmatic patient since 10yrs taking allopathy medicine.
Known Hypertensive since 8 yrs taking allopathy medicine.
H/o. recurrent cold and cough

Family history

Father known asthmatic and diabetic

Treatment history

Had allopathy and siddha treatment for psoriasis

Physical Generals

• Complexion - Fair
• Appetite - Good
• Thirst – Increased
• Stool - Regular
• Urine - Regular
• Sweat - Profuse on scalp and neck
• Sleep –sleepless < itching and burning at night
• Desires – cold food++
• Thermal- Can't tolerate winter and rainy season , better in summer

General Examination

Bp:160/100 mm/Hg, pulse:74, wt:65kg, Ht:154cm

Mental generals

He is very calm by nature, but Easily anxious and restless < itching,
Fear of being alone, lack of confident . Depressed .

Local Examination

Psoriatic eruptions both upper limbs with lower back , whitish scaling on affected places.

Analysis of Symptoms

• Psoriatic eruptions with whitish scaling
• < night+++, cold weather, evening,
• Better in summer
• Tendency to catch cold
• Family H/o Asthma
• Easily anxious and restless < itching,
• Sweat : Profuse on scalp and neck
• Desires : cold food++
• Fair complexion
• Sleep –sleepless < itching and burning at night

Diagnosis of Disease


Diagnosis of Miasm


First Prescription                 20/10/11

        Ars alb 1m tds

Follow up

      Ars alb was prescribed based on miasmatic and constitutional approach. Sulphur given based on symptoms similarity . Both miasmatic remedies expelled suppressive symptoms and had given rapid recovery to the patient.