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Accession Board
Win a Gold Coin & Similimum Award
Win a Free Subscription
Submission by E Mails also accepted ! , Free entry for all students !!
      This quiz contest is open to the Students of Undergraduate Homoeopathy Medical Colleges to improve the student’s knowledge in a lively informal way. This contest has two parts (I) Spotters and (II) MCQ . Each carries one mark. A successful grand winner for the year 2013 will receive a Gold coin. Besides that every month five successful lucky winners will be awarded with one year free Homoeo Times subscription. Entry is free to all students and the answers should reach the office on or before 20th of every month. Answers can be mailed at htquiz@gmail.com or post card . Submission of photograph with Identity card is necessary for the first time enrollment. Send your answers : Medi Quiz “Homoeo Times” # 6, Lloyds II nd Lane, Royapettah, Chennai-600 014. Phone:044-28113300 E-mail : htquiz@gmail.com. Last Date 20th of every month.
1.Visual Quiz
Identify this organ

2.Micro Quiz

Name this Blood Cell


3. Clinical Quiz

Name this surgical point


4.Dynamism Quiz

Name this pioneer



Last date: On or Before 20th of Every month
Address for Communication


Medi Quiz
Homoeo Times
#, 6 Lloyds II nd Lane
Royapettah,Chennai –600014



This contest is open to all Undergraduate Homoeopathic Medical College students only, interns are not eligible.
Every participant should produce copy of identity card of the respective colleges with a recent colour photograph; otherwise it will be rejected summarily.
The five lucky winners of every month will receive one year free Homoeo Times subscription.
To facilitate distant participants, Quiz program is being published in ww.homoeotimes.com on the first day of every month.
Over all grand winner will receive a “Gold coin” and “Similimum Award”
Every month each correct entries will score one pointand if the correct answers are more than five, the Lucky winner will be chosen by draw of lots.
All the correct entries will be added to Accession Board and published and updated every month on our online edition www.homoeotimes.com.
The answers should reach the office before 20th of every month and can be accepted by post, courier or by email
Incase of more than one successful winner at the finals, the panel will conduct a special quiz program.
The decision of Panel, Editorial Board is final and claims, false entries will liable to be withheld.

Medi Quiz Answers
Last Issue
1. Visual Quiz Obturator Foramen
2. Micro Quiz Vibrio Cholera.
3. Clinical Quiz Pterygium
4. Dynamism Quiz 5th Edition
5. Similimum Quiz Podophyllum


Mayur Dilip Gajare wins Gold Coin

Homoeo Times declares Mayur Dilip Gajare of Dhanvantri Homoeopathic Medical College, Nashik,Maharashtra as winner of the “Medi Quiz 2012” and will be awarded with Gold Coin and Similimum Award in an event organized by Homoeo Times. He participated all the months and successfully scored 116/ 120 .


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Parmar Anil Dayabhai

RHMC, Gujarat

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