Jan 2014|Volume 11|Issue 1
Jan 2014|Vol 11|Issue 1

Solving the needs...

Dear readers,
       Homoeo Times wishes you a very happy New Year. May this year be full of enthusiasm in education, practice and mind-broadening experiences in knowledge. Homoeo Times completes ten years and leaps forward successfully with very good number of subscribers. We are very much satisfied with drastic improvement in Journalism.

       Your excellent support has given us commitment to serve you better. Our team is dedicated for the development of our Homoeopathic community and they had served energetically in giving new material to you.
We are happy to complement “TN Homoeo Directory 2014” as a New Year gift to all. We thank all supporters on this exhaustive project which is completed with perfection. Homoeo Times serves the community solving the needs of homoeopathic fraternity.

       We have new layouts and inserted new features which will be interesting to all. We inserted the “Students Corner” to make the students entusiatic and lead them towards excellance in their career.

       We continue the “Legal corner” as such since it has received overwhelming reponse. We hope this would make our community to understand and look forward progress.

       We thank all for immense support to continue our dedicated service to the community. We expect your kind co operation to share your knowledge by submitting evidence based case studies to sail our system in the mainstream of medicine.

with regards