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Dr. Shankar Chawla, M.D(Hom)
     Dr. Shankar Chawla is a leading and senior homoeopathic practitioner in Mumbai. He has a wide experience of more than 26 years. He is practicing at Chembur, Mumbai, India. Dr.Chawla belongs to the pedigree of Dr.Charles Menninger. Homoeopathy by Dr.Chawla, is all about bringing about total transformation in the person, through a systematic physical, mental, emotional and spiritual plane.

     He has graduated from Bombay Homoeopathic Medical College Vile-Parle, Mumbai in 1983. He received his post graduation from Ahmedabad Homoeopathic Medical College. He was a House Physician at Masina Hospital Byculla Mumbai & Hon. at Inlaks General Hospital. He was a Hon. Physician Arya Samaj Homeopathic Clinic, Chembur Mumbai. Faculty Spandan Holistic Institute of Advanced Homeopathy-Mumbai. He is a fellow in Homoeopathy – Colombo. He is a Life member of Indian Institute of Homoeopathic Physicians.

     Dr. Shankar Chawla has been successfully managing Acute, Chronic & complicated cases. His past experience & knowledge in modern medicine has been useful in treating such cases. Awarded a highest individual Rotarian award for four avenues of service from Rotary International. To his credit are number of medical projects to various slums and villages.

     His interests also lie in treating differently challenged children. Difficult cases of childhood disorders like cerebral palsy, mental retardation, learning difficulties, autism, hyperactivity, attention deficit behavioral disorders etc have shown remarkable improvement. The approach is multi disciplinary team of different specialty opinions compliments to improve the outcome diagnosis.

He can be contacted at

Mohini Clinic
14, Manish-Vijay Commercial Complex,
Vasinaka, Chembur,
Mumbai – 400 074.
Telephone : +91 - 22 - 2554 4856
Mobile : 9819149818
E-Mail : mohiniclinics@askdrchawla.com