Jan 2014|Vol 11|Iss1

A case of Hyperpigmentation


Dr.R.Gnanasambandam, M.D(Hom)
No.6, Lloyd's II Lane


      A girl aged 23 years old presented dark discolouration over her cheeks on both side since one year. Initially she had fever for week duration, the blood parameters suggested leptospirosis positive. Then she developed rashes all over the body with itching. After a month she had itching in the right cheek followed with dark pigmentation. She rushed to a dermatologist, the beuty clinics and final coice as Homoeopathy.

Presenting complaints

• Dark discolouration in both cheeks since one year
• Headache < Sun exposure, after travel,Exertion
• Itching rashes occasionaly < after bath

Past History

• Had tendency to catch cold with fever from childhood
• H/o Chicken pox when 6 years old
• H/o Tonsilitis in childhood.

Family History

• Paternal grandfather is diabetic
• Maternal grand father is asthmatic
• Cousin sufferes froim hypothyroidism

Physical Generals
Complexion – Medium
Stature - Normal
Appetite - Normal
Thirst - Normal
Stool - Regular
Urine - Regulars
Sweat - Normal
Bath - Tepid water
Sleep - Disturbed
Food Type - Vegetarian,
Dreams – day today events,
Desires for spicy, Has the habits of tea, coffee

Mental Generals

      Mental, intellectual state of mind is very calm, anxious, frustarated, deppressed

Menstrual History

      Menarche at the age of 14th year.
      Periods are regular, 1-5 days, 28 to 32 days

Evaluation and analysis

• Dark discolouration in both cheeks since one year
• Headache < Sun exposure, after travel,Exertion
• Rashes on the skin with Iy tching < after bath , Non veg
• Complaints after fever
• Tendency to catch cold
• Maternal grandma is asthmatic
• calm, anxious, frustarated , deppressed
• Dreams – day today events ,
• Desires for spicy

Diagnosis of the Disease


Diagnosis of the Remedy

      Arsenicum Album

First Prescription 20/02/09

      Ars Alb lm tds / first day
      Followered with placebo
      Advised not to apply any externals
      A photograph caputured with consent of the patients, Refer plate I


      The pathogenisis of the disease clearly matches the pathogenisis of the Arsenicum album since the prescritopn was made out and continued even when there was response. The due course of the progress clearly indicates that when a well choosen drug is repeated for follow up confidenty anihilate the complaints. Here the pathogenesis of miasmatic interpretation guide us right path. The psoric manifestions which are the sequle of the infection only preduced the pseudopsoiric symptoms, neither the sycotic or syphiltic manifestions made out. Hence in this case always better to revolve aroud the psoiric drugs to begin and complete a cure.A photograph was taken for the follow up 7. Please refer the plate II