Jan 2016|Volume 13|Issue 1
Jan 2016|Vol 13|Issue 1

Deserving the rights ...medical register

Dear Readers,

       We wish you a very happy New Year! This year may bring lot of treasures in every one’s life and prosperity. This year may invite attention on tremendous growth in the field of our Homoeopathic community

    We are grateful to the Government of India and the state governments for recognising our system and extending their hands for promoting homoeopathy. The state and central Government promulgated separate acts for the development. Boards, Councils functions at various levels to regularise our system and also the practitioners
    We observed that many states have not published, revised the medical Register which indirectly gives room for mushrooming of quacks. Today lot of young Homoeopaths are being graduated and unable to stand competitively their practice. Hence our duty is to give the correct details of every practitioner to eliminate the quacks which can be achieved by only by yearly revised publication of Medical Registers
    The constitution of the councils is merely with our colleagues, who should insist and eradicate the menace. Today lot of litigations on update of medical register is reported in many places and also dual registrations to vote in many places, corrupting the central constitution additionally
    Therefore everyone should ask for updated, revised publication of Medical Register every year and also check their entries for genunity is absolutely necessary. The copies of the Registers in District Collectorates and Police Departments will definitely eradicate quacks without taking any personal complaints
Let us hope for the good ...this year