Jan 2019|Volume 16|Issue 1
Jan 2019|Vol 16|Issue 1

Wish you happy New year ! …

     We are leaping 16th year of successful publication with overwhelming response. We thank all for your esteemed, continued support to excel best for the development of Homoeopathy. We are thankful to authours, Clinicians, faculties and students for their submissions.

     The Theme titled “Auto Immune Disease 2019 for this year has very good response from the all. We are receipt of many articles, Case studies and clinical experiences for the this issue titled exclusively for “ Dynamism in Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis” 2019 “
     We regret to inform that we are unable to publish the all submissions which had been recommended board due to non availability of space. Perhaps the priority has been given to the evidence based case studies. We had included new column for “Research” We had postponed the publication of new column” Applied Organon “ which was declared earlier since space not available, indeed the Column” Hunting Rubrics” continues as usual.

     The columns Pioneer, Web peep, College focus , News continues as earlier We have announced for the students “ Medi Quiz 2019 “ announcing the grand winner for the year 2019 to receive “ Silver Coin and Similimum Award” , while a successful winner will receive a free subscription every month
     We thank all for long continued support for the past 15 years . We request the same by contributing by the way of submissions to develop and uplift our wonderful system of healing ! Let us march for the best!
     Wish you happy New year