Jul 2015|Volume 12|Issue 7
Jul 2015|Vol 12|Issue 7

Positive perspectives ….

Dear Readers,

Today we are pioneering in the treatment of chronic disease as per the theory of chronic disease contributed by our founder. Eventhough new theories seems applicable for wonders, finally we inspire that Hahnemann already illustrated in his writings. Hahnemann’s classification of disease give proper knowledge in understanding a disease and clinical application based on his writing excel great in cure to the patients.

     Psoriasis is one among them, hailing the larger population and very often with frustration in the treatment. A successful Homoeopath can treat a psoriasis patient with positive attitude and benefit the patient complete cure as in terms of Aphorism 2
We are happy to receive the articles, clinical case studies on psoriasis. We already publish quite number of cases with clinical illustrations contributed by many authors and clinicians. We apologize some of the articles cannot be include since the scope is not satisfying the board and policy decisions
We invite only evidence based clinical case studies and articles with clinical illustrations. The authors are request to publish in the suitable journal and we cannot include such articles considering over whelming response from our readers only on clinical studies
We thank all for extending co operation for continue our tireless, enthusiastic commitment for development of our system.