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Jul 2015|Volume 12|Issue 7
Jul 2015|Vol 12|Issue 7

Nomination of Prof Vithoulkas as “Doctor Honoris Causa” Romania

          ROMANIA.MAY.5: George Vithoulkas, Professor of Homeopathy was nominated as “Doctor Honoris Causa” at the Iuliu Hatieganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The Laudacio was made by the Dean of the University’s School of Medicine, Prof. Dr. Anca Dana Buzoianu, who referred at length to the scientific work of Prof. G. Vithoulkas. The opening ceremony was addressed by the President of the Senate,Prof. Dr. Ioan Stefan Florian; the Vice Rectors of the University also attended the ceremony.
         Inter alia, Professor G. Vithoulkas said, “Today I am particularly proud that, through me, a great School of Medicine is honoring homeopathy, this remarkable therapeutic method, as well as Doctor S. Hahnemann, who discovered it 200 years ago. Homeopathy has been credited with impressive results in the last 200 years and that attests to its undoubted validity. Homeopathy is essential in the early stages of chronic diseases, when conventional medicine has no answers and, therefore, it constitutes a complementary therapeutic method sorely needed in medicine. I am confident that your University will become the pillar of resistance against the destructive storm of chronic disease that is currently spreading rapidly, and that it will bestow the beneficial therapeutic effects of homeopathy upon humanity.”