Jul 2016|Volume 13|Issue 7
Jul 2016|Vol 13|Issue 7

Homoeopathy at Grass roots!

Dear Readers,

      Homoeopathy is recognised as second largest medical system in the world. The widely accepted medicines gain more popularity since the public understand the system with out any side effects. The scientific community is realising the genius of Homoeopathy lies in potentisation and individualisation

    The dynamic concept of potentized medicines arouse the own body rendering greatest results individually. Hence Homoeopathic cures are often experienced by the physicians as miracles breaking the term “Incurable” in many ailments. Today we are making the world with “Seeing is believing” in many skin and pathological vegetations
We can quotate one sample ailment “Vitiligo” which could make every one to believe the realm of cure in many cases. There are lot of ailments where the public are starving to get rid off and helpless. Thyroid disorders, Cystic lesions like PCOD, renal stones, and neurological disease and so on waiting for scientific interpretation on the efficacy of Homoeopathy
These innovations make our body host Public Awareness programmes to reach the public at Grass root level; our innovations had brought others towards to reach the core understanding on Homoeopathy.
We hosted a Public Awareness Program on Homoeopathy for Vitiligo, hosted on the world Vitiligo day at Music academy Mini Hall Chennai. We hope this could inspire every one to serve our system for development and popularity.