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Dr. Rajesh Barve, MD(Hom)
    Prof. Dr.Rajesh Barve is a well known academician and clinician with ample experience. He has a professional experience of more than 26 years. He is practicing in Mumbai. He has been graduated with Bachelor of Homoepathic Medicine and Surgery in the year 1989. Then completed his post graduation, MD (hom) in 2005. He is professor of repertory since 1993.

     He serves as Professor and Head of the department of Repertory at Virar Homeopathic Medical College, Virar East. He also serves as approved teacher and examiner for Maharashtra University of Health Sciences.
He has various research contributions like Conducted Drug-proving trials for new drugs e.g. Panthera tigris, Curcuma longa; Research on Non-surgical Management of Degenerative Arthritis of Knee and Spine; Research work in theory of Potentization, tinctures and Drug Standardization; Clinical human trials and in vitro studies of homoeopathic tinctures. He works for Tinctures and Drug Standardization, Shelf Life and Stability of Homeopathic Drugs.
He also conducted various seminars. His paper "Applications of Nano materials: Terminalia Arjuna, Nano particles in mother Tincture" has been published in American Scientific Publishers. He has presented various scientific papers in many national and international seminars.

He can be contacted at

Dr. Rajesh Barve, MD (Hom)
1st Floor, Ganesh Prasad Building,
Near Parleshwar Temple
M G Road, Vile Parle East,
Mumbai, Maharashtra- 400057
Phone: +(91)-22-26171138
Email: rsbarve@yahoo.co.in