July 2017|Volume 14|Issue 7
July 2017|Vol 14|Issue 7

Natrum Group … vivid clinical studies

Dear Readers,

       The title on “Natrum Group” has received many submissions. Interestingly we have received many submissions on clinical experience column, than usual submissions on the illustrative article by the faculties and physicians. We are happy to share that the clinical experience by various clinicians will be an eye opener to our clinical practice and would play update , enrich our knowledge

     We are striving hard to uplift our system by this print media, and now journal came forward to host the publishers dreams by workshops. We hosted the exclusive vitiligo workshop, commemorating the World Vitiligo day at Hotel Deccan plaza on June 25th. The workshop is designed among 50 targeted experts unlike a seminar , CME ,symposium, conference.
     The workshop is designed to bring the in depth understating of every clinical experts by the way of clinical presentations and panel discussion. The scientists from the Central council for research in Homoeopathy also shared the updates exclusive event. Every ones outcome had been recorded elaborately and resolutions and recommendations had been drawn for pursuance of the Government and public

     The journal has its initiative on vitiligo buy which the objective signs of improvement to everyone in the scientific community and public would break all, critics on Homoeopathy. Our team inspiring, publishing the clinical evidence on Homoeopathy in the print media since 14 years, desirous to hold exclusion workshops calling papers on the subject

     We had been dragged to revise the rates to cop up the cost of production. We want to thank one and all for giving immense support to Homoeo Times, we assure to serve you and the community. We invite everyone to share their experience with a case of the titles which takes only few minutes to contribute your wonderful inspiration to our community