July 2011|Volume 8|Issue 7
July 2011|Vol 8|Issue 7


World Homoeopathic Congress...


Dear Readers,
       Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Symposium and forum are absolutely necessary for every field to update and enrich their knowledge in a particular field. The scientific community hosts several events and the outcome fetch the world with immense findings on research and render great service to the humanity.

         We know the forum is hosted to invite discussions, a symposium is centered on a particular topic with several speakers, workshops features with small group with serious involvement, seminars with single or multiple people for long time and the conferences are those with large number of gatherings with multiple folds of interactions.

       Homoeopathy is a specialized science which reflects its efficacy and its application through various interactions. It is great to note that how the science is implied on the healing with a special art. It is an ocean. There are several practitioners interactions held from the days of inception of our science. Dr.Hahnemann took a special interest in conducting the workshops and serious interactions made at his hospital at Leipzig.

       There are several organizations in the national and world level, LHMI is one of the world popular organizations which was dedicated for the development in the world’s scenario. The organization had hosted several conferences in various countries in which great number of homoeopaths meet and participate the congress in different fold.

      Now India has attained the privilege to host the 66th world Homoeopathic congress at the capital, New Delhi. The conference is scheduled from 1-4th December 2011 and the registration, call for papers are underway. This is a great opportunity to the Indian homoeopaths to interact with the abroad homoeopaths!

with regards