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July 2011|Volume 8|Issue 7
July 2011|Vo8|Issue 7


Book Review
At Home with Homoeopathy - Dr.P.V.Venkatraman

       The book catalogues some of the common ailments and very frequently used medicines for those conditions in day to day practice. The authors have mentioned the indications of different medicines for each disease in such a lucid way that a literature but a non medical man can distinguish one medicine from the others, while deciding the final remedy. The infrastructure given in the booklet how to select and administer the medicine will facilitate the job of users.

-Dr.Chaturbuja Nayak,Former Director General,CCRH, New Delhi

      Its often we find on the weekend or late in the evening that someone from the family starts to fall sick. The ailment may not be severe enough to warrant a visit to the emergency and reaching your family homoeopathic physician is getting delayed .It is arranged easily such that it serves a readily guide to few common day to day complaints. It gives the salient features of the chief medicine for common complaints. Arrangement of the ailments with the medicines under it makes it easy to pick the medicine.

-Dr.A.U.Ramakrishnan,Hon.Physician to president of India

Price: Rs.50/-
Pages: 64

Publisher : Dr.Koppikar’s foundation for Homoeopathy
33, First Main Road, Lake Area
Chennai 600014
Phone: 044-28174389