July 2011|Vol 8|Iss 7

A case of Ovarian Cyst


Dr. Anuradha Raja is a leading practitioner in Trichy has been serving for more than 15 years. She had been graduated from Government Homoeopathy Medical College Tirumangalam. She had authored quiet number of articles with evidence based studies. She can be contacted at Plot No 20, SMESC Colony North Extension, (Opp) Simco meter,Trichirapalli - 620021. Phone 9894833163 Email: dr.anuraja1997@gmail.com


       A 42 year old female consulted me for acute pain in abdomen. She had severe pain in left lower abdomen. Every month she experiences pain during her periods since 3 months. This time the pain was intolerable to her. She was restless and I observed while sitting inclined forward. She also passed urine frequently and gave the history of constipation. I prescribed Colocynth 200C in hourly dose. Meanwhile I advised the patient to undergo imaging studies to rule out the inner pathologies.

She was better with the pain and came with the Ultra sonogram report. I took the case

H/o Present Complaints
She had menstrual pain with heaviness and tenderness for the first two days –since 3 months. She managed with painkillers. She has to urinate 3 or 4 times to empty the bladder- since 3 months. Constipation occasional. Breast pain before every menses better as soon as the flow starts.

Past History
Had an attack of jaundice 7 years back.

Family History
Her mother is a diabetic.

Physical Generals

· Fair complexioned, tall

· Appetite - Normal

· Thirst - Normal

· Motion- Sometimes gets constipated

· Urine - Can’t empty the bladder completely.

Mental Generals

     Feels suffocated if her clothes are tight. Very sensitive and emotional

Menstrual History

     She attained her menarche at the age of .13. Her periods were regular once in 28-30 days with 4 to 5 days flow.

Obstetric History

     Married, has two daughters. H /o Abortion - once got aborted 6 months after first delivery. Both born under cesarean section.

General Examination

· Wt: 70 Kgs
· Pulse: 72 / min
· B.P:110 / 70 mm/Hg

The Ultra Sonogram of the abdomen and pelvis - Left ovarian Cyst (Refer the Before)

First Prescription                      19-03-11
     Lachesis 200C/ 3 doses tds, followed by SL for 15 days
     Application of hot water bottle /bag was advised to get relief from pain

Follow Up 1                               04-04-11
Acute complaints of pain, urination were better
     Sac lac /15 days

Follow Up 2                              19-04-11

Breast pain since 1 week but less than last month. She got her periods today.
Pain Lt abdomen is severe + + (little less than last month

     Lach 1m/ 3d tds, followed by sac lac /30days

Follow Up 3                              19-05-11

Complaints better
     Sac lac /7d 1-0-0

I advised her to take abdomen and pelvic scan again. Report revealed normal study (Refer the after)

Discussion and Conclusion
     Lachesis was selected on the basis of totality, aroused the dynamic spirit to tackle the disease force was eliminated by the similimum. The remedy also applicable on the miasmatic understanding nature, the sycotic manifestations which cleared and given quick result to the patient.