July 2011|Vol 8|Iss 7

A case of Atopic Dermatitis


Dr.Smita Brahmachari, is a post graduate in Homoeopathy, graduated from National Institute of Homoeopathy, Kolkata. Her articles had been published in various journals. She is Medical Officer at Govt. of NCT Delhi; Dept. of ISM & Homoeopathy.E-mail id: smita.brahmachari@rediffmail.com


       A female child aged 10 years consulted for her skin complaints. She had been treated at Safdarjung hospital, New Delhi and diagnosed as Atopic Dermatitis.She presented the following complaints.

        Painful, violent itching, burning eruptions all over the body since 2 yrs < winter and summer especially hot humid weather; < bathing after. Eruptions were bilateral symmetrical. H/o of use of lutica lotion on affected parts, steroid ointments and antihistamines for 2 yrs from the mentioned hospital with relapse and remission of complaint.

Past History

     Measles. Recurrent tendency to cough, coryza and A.S.O.M.(Acute Suppurative Otitis Media ) from change of weather

Family History

    Mother – Asthma and Brother – Crigler – Najjar syndrome

Physical and Mental Generals

· Desire for sour foods

· Craving for pickles (steals money for the same).

· Bowel habits and Urine: Normal.

· Sweat from face, palms and soles

· Physical appearance: the child is lean and emaciated, whitish complexioned.

Choice of the Remedy

Reason for selection : With recurrent tendency to various illness from change of weather, unhealthy skin with painful eruptions; the guiding factor being strong craving for sour food. (SYNTHESIS REPERTORY : Generals, Food and Drinks, sour foods, acids, desire : 3 remedies in 1st grade : Cor-r., Hepar s., and Verat.)

First Prescription                      4.2.11
     Hepar sulph 30, 4 globules, tds, 5 days.

Advice and Auxiliary treatment
Advice to use Petroleum jelly on affected parts and coconut oil after bathing when skin is wet and cotton clothes.
Report after 7 days.

Follow Up 1                               12-2-2011

Pt. was better, complaints worse after bathing – S/L 30, 7 DAYS.

Follow Up 2                              22-2-2011

Skin eruptions persists – Repetition of the medicine in 30th potency, 5 days
The pt. made visits on 27.2.11, 5.3.11 and 15.3.11 where only placebo prescribed.

Follow Up 6                            21-3-2011

Complaints better
     Sulph 30C / 2 doses

To clear up the ground for proper action of selected medicine, remove the miasmatic taint with H/o of long contd. use of allopathic medications (in spite of giving well selected medicine skin unable to regain normal colour) (SYNTHESIS REPERTORY : Generals, History, medicine; of abuse of allopathic : Lach., Nux-v., Puls., Sulph., Thuja., and Zinc.)

Follow Up 7                           26-3-2011

Hepar sulph 200 / 2 doses, OD, followed by S/L for 10 days.

Follow Up 8                           9-4-2011

Patient was much better.Skin is regaining its normal colour and tone.

( Refer the photographs taken before and after treatment)