July 2012|Volume9|Issue 7
July 2012|Vol 9|Issue 7


Homoeopathy in prophylaxis …

Dear Readers,
       Today we are prone to many communicable diseases. The concept of infectious diseases takes to root as spiritualism, contagion theory, miasmatic theory and finally now as Germ theory of Diseases. One thing we should remember discovery of vaccination theory by Edward Jenner and Discovery of Homoeopathy was in the same year 1796

         Hahnemann was aware that the communicable diseases are due to pathogens and described in his writings. He treated scarlet fever with Belladonna by applying the similimum principle, despite of preparing a vaccine from the same pathogen used in vaccination theory. He successfully treated Cholera with Camphor, Aconite for purpura, Typhoid with Bryonia, Rhus Tox. He postulated the specifics “Genus epidemicus” for certain communicable diseases.

         Today homoeopathy pioneers in prevention of many diseases like Japanese Encephalitis, Chikungunya, and dengue fever successfully with most suitable similimum. Today we are happy that our Government Homoeopathy Medical College, Tirumangalam had contributed a great service to the humanity in prevention of Dengue fever. All homoeopaths are delighted and appreciated their efforts.

         One thing we should remember that our job is not concluded with the distribution of preventive doses, we need a miasmatic prescription to fulfil; the complete treatment to the patient. Hahnemann postulated the maismatic theory in 1828 and he advocates the three chronic miasms with a perceptual study on acute miasms. He insisted the miasmatic prescription with interpretation of constitution of the patient; particularly complete the cure with an application of antipsoric drug.

         Today we need lot of research works on these analogies to make our system to serve the humanity and to understand the scientific efficacy of Homoeopathy.

with regards