July 2012|Vol 9|Iss 7

A Case of Eczema


Dr.K.Savitha presents here a case of eczema, treated at AKP Homoeopathic Clinical Research Centre. She can be contacted at 6, Lloyd's II lane, Royapettah, Chennai- 600014


         A female aged 42 years had eruptions in both legs since one year. Initially she had mild itching in both, legs, later reddish rashes developed and eruptions appeared in both legs. Itching was severe < at night, emotions, travel, touch, winter.

         The lesions were oozing and the eruptions filled with pus occasionally. She had consulted a dermatologist, homoeopath and transferred to Chennai and was under treatment.

Past History

H/o frequent cold and fever
No other specific illness in the past

Family History

Paternal grandfather Diabetic
Asthma and Hypertension from both traits

Treatment History

Took Allopathic and Homoeopathic treatment for eczema.

Physical Generals

• Complexion - Fair
• Stature - Tall and thin
• Appetite - Good
• Thirst - Normal
• Stool - Regular
• Urine - Regular
• Sweat - Profuse in armpits
• Sleep - Good
• Food Type - Vegetarian
• Desires - Sweet ++

Mental Generals

She is very calm by nature. Anxious and depressed easily. Affectionate and gentle in behaviour.

Menstrual History

Menstruating, Menarche at the age of 15th year. Periods are regular, 1-4 days, 26 to 28 days.

Obstetric History

Married, 2 daughters, Delivery is Normal.

General Examination

B.P: 120/80 mm/Hg, Pulse: 74/min, Wt: 67 Kgs

Local Examination
Both legs are with pustular eruptions; oozing slimy fluid. (Refer Plate I)

Analysis of Symptoms

• Eruptions, Itching Oozing
• < Travel, Emotions, Night , Touch , winter
• Secretions are sticky, purulent
• Tendency to catch cold
• Family H/o Asthma
• Calm, Gentle, depressed
• Sweat :Armpits
• Desires : Sweets
• Fair complexion, Tall and thin

Diagnosis of Disease


Diagnosis of Miasm

         Psora Syphilis

First Prescription                           03/07/09

         Petroleum 200 tds
         Placebo for fifteen days

Follow Ups


Petroleum was prescribed by understanding the psora sypthilitic changes in this case even though when other remedies are apparently similar to the presentation of the case. The surface miasm in this case is expressed by its characteristic discharges and its modalities. The syphilitic expression had been well tackled by the miasmatic drug which is finally concluded with psoric application for radical cure. The Antisoric drug expelled suppressive symptoms layer by layer and given complete recovery to the patient.