July 2012|Vol 9|Iss 7

GHMC excels in Dengue prevention

Government Homoeopathic Medical College, Tirumangalam has exceled in dengue prevention by conducting free medical camps and providing preventive medicines.

          Reports of major dengue outbreaks, in Tirunelveli, Madurai, and Kanyakumari districts in Tamil Nadu. Some of the severely affected areas are Kadayanallur, Thenkasi, and Amba Samudram in Tirunelveli. Many dengue cases were reported in parts of Tirunelveli in the past two months. A total of 2,566 persons in the State were afflicted with dengue fever and 36 succumbed to the disease in the month of June, according to the Health Department.

Dr.Vijay , Health Minister on review Meeting held at Madurai

        Health Minister, Dr.V.S.Vijay hold a meeting with Health Department officials, including Principal Secretary, Girija Vaidyanathan, Director of Public Health Porkai Pandian, Chennai Mayor Saidai S. Duraisamy and Director of Medical Education C. Vamsadhara. The government has allotted Rs.2.5 crores under the instruction of Chief Minister and surveys have been conducted in areas where deaths due to dengue were reported.

        Health Minister Dr.Vijay took a sustained efforts to control the outbreak of Dengue fever, he lead a Dengue Awareness Rally at Kadasyanallur, Thriunelveli District. The Minister held a review meeting with senior health officials from Madurai, Theni, Sivagangai, Dindigul, Virudhunagar and Ramanathapuram districts.

Health Minister had discussion with Dr.A.Gopalakrishnan, Principal, GHMC

        He visited Government Homoeopathy Medical College Hospital at Madurai. He had discussion with Dr.Gopalakrishnan, Principal and superintendent of the college and asked him on the efficacy of Homoeopathy in prevention. A team of doctors headed by Dr.Gopalakrishnan, Prof.K.Senthil Kumaran, Dr.V.Madavan and Dr.Selvaraj explained with the available data on the purview of earlier reports on Dengue and other preventions in Chickungunya, Japanese Encephalitis in other states. They suggested Eupatorium perfoliatum can be successfully used for prevention of Dengue fever. Minister advised the Health officials to utilize the system.

        Government Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital launched a campaign to prevent dengue through homoeopathy, under the directive of Health Minister and invitation from the Dean Dr.Edwin Joe.

        “In 2002, when there was a major outbreak in Kanyakumari district, we distributed this medicine and fever cases came down. Several papers were published in foreign journals about the preventive/curative potential of homoeopathic pills for dengue control,” Prof. Gopalakrishnan, principal in charge said.

        Launching the first preventive camp, The dean Dr. Edwin Joe and Resident Medical Officer A.Pragadeswaran were of the view that homoeopathy drug for dengue prevention was being promoted with the State government encouraging alternative systems of medicine .“We have adequate stock of drugs. It is a low-cost medicine with no side-effects. This pill can be taken even if a person is taking allopathy treatment for some other complaint,” he said and sought the permission of the Corporation and municipalities to organise public awareness camps.

Dr.Edwin Joe, Dean receives preventive Medicine from
Distribution of Medicines at Rajaji Government Hospital

         A team of physicians from homoeopathic college included Dr. K. Senthil Kumaran, Professor of Medicine, and Dr. N. Karthikeyan, Prof, Physiology. Dr.K.selvaraj, Assistant Medical Officer, Dr.Ragulgee Asst superintendent and Internees, Dr.Lakshmipriya, Dr.Thozhamaikkani, Dr.A.Gayathri, Dr.T.Gayathri, Dr.Mirunalini, Dr.Rajapriya, Dr.Saravanan, Dr.Kalaivanan, Dr.Fabitha Dr.Yasmin, Dr.Senthil Kumar, Pharmacy trainees Subhashini, Sridevi distributed the medicines to 1050 doctors, hospital staff, and nursing students.

        The popularisation drive of homoeopathy pills for prevention of dengue fever continued in Madurai as the Government Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital at Tirumangalam near here conducted two free camps in the city. A special team led by Dr.A.Gopalakrishnan, Principal in-charge of the college, had distributed free homoeopathy medicines at an awareness camp organised inside the Goripalayam Dargah where 4,920 persons were given the preventive pills and 1050 persons at nursing head quarters were distributed with the preventive medicine.

Dengue free Medical camp at Goripalayam
A team of Doctors, interns and students

        The second camp was coordinated by Prof.Dr.K.Senthil Kumaran, Prof.Dr.Karthikeyan, Prof. Dr.Jayam and Dr.Selvaraj, AMO. The Internees include Dr.Lakshmipriya, Dr.Parkavi, Dr.Nida-Un-Nasr, Dr.Saravanan, Dr.Kalaivanan, Dr.T.Gayathri, Dr.A.Gayathri, Dr.Mirunalini, Dr.Senthil Kumar, Dr.Ponnammal Dr.Tholamaikani Dr.Renuga, Rajapriya, Dr.Vaishnavi, Dr.R.Rajalakshmi, Dr.S.Rajalakshmi, Dr.Sankareswari, Dr.K.Kalaiarasi, and Dr.Hemachithra.

Special care at GHMC
Interms at service...

        The final year students Arun, Balakasirajan, Elavarasan, Ginu, Adhil, Kalaiselvi, Jayarani, Shubashini, and Arunprathap also participated in the special camp.