July 2013|Volume 10|Issue 7
July 2013|Vol 10|Issue 7

Homoeopathy in Neurology...

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We thank the authours for the submission of articles on the topic “Homoeopathy in Neurology” Homoeopathy has wide scope in the treatment of chronic disease, particularly the incurable disease. The scope of Homoeopathy is more in the treatment of neurological conditions. A wide range of disease is quite amenable to Homoeopathic treatment.

         Many cases of Bell’s palsy had responded to Homoeopathic remedies, which can be evidently proved. Facial neuralgias, Hemiplegia following cerebro vascular accidents, Parkinsonism, Myasthenia Gravis, Muscular dystrophy cases had responded to Homoeopathic treatment. The troublesome diseases like the positional vertigo, Minerires Disease can be treated successfully.

      Everyone is acquainted with many allied clinical conditions of many musculoskeletal and psychological dimensions respond to the similimum.

      Dr.Hahnemann is a pioneer physician who contributed the world that a medicine can act through nerves. He described the actions as dynamic and contributed the drug dynamisation.

      He elaborated the action of disease information to the vital force by nerves and also the action of medicines in nerves in aphorism16. Further speaks more on Aphorism 272 also. Homoeopathy has wide scope in the treatment of neurological disease.

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