July 2013|Vol 10|Iss7

A case of Psoriasis


Dr.Sunand.G.Loya, BHMS
Sai Vandan Homoeopathic Clinic,
Balaji Appt, Nr.MBG.Super Market,
VidhyutNagar,Anand Nagar road Nanded,
Maharashtra - 431605.
Mobile - 0937013605


        A male aged 28 years, farmer by profession, presented itching and scaling of skin all over the body since three years. He was diagnosed as psoriasis and his complaints as fallows
Scaly skin all over the body.
Started from head, spreaded all over body including Upper trunk, Abdomen, Thighs, Legs, Back, Both arm, including Inguinal region.
Burning Pain +++
Itching followed by bleeding.
< sweets, night.
> warmth applications
Weakness all over the body, Pain in Calf Muscles.
Painful Piles with itching and burning noted at anus.

Past History

       H/o Jaundice four years back.

Family History

       Brother had contact Dermatitis

Physical Generals

Complexion : Medium
Appetite : increased
Thirst: More
Sweat : Profuse, Offensive
Bowels : Hard,Must has to strain .pile
Urine : Normal
Sleep: Disturbed due to itching
Dreams: Not Specific.
Diet Pattern: Pure Veg.
Desire: Sweets, Chat Items, Spicy

Mental Generals

Weakness of Memory.
Always Nervous; thinks whether he’ll be cured or not.
Deep thinking, was unable to express himself, can’t get
Proper word while speaking.


First prescription                                   21-12-2012

Sulphur 1M single dose
Followed with placebo
Advised him to apply Petroleum Jelly for Soothening of skin.
And take care on personal hygiene.

Follow up 1                                   11.01.2013

Burning pain slightly reduced & the Pain, itching of anal region reduced by more than 60-70%.
Bowel regular
Skin patches appeared as it is with slight aggravation noted.

Placebo B.d for 15 days.
Azardichata Q 20 drops B.d for15 days
Advised him to apply Petroleum Jelly for Smoothening of skin. To review after 15 days.

Follow up 2                                   28.01.2013

His Skin Complaints was much better. Itching disappeared
Mentally he was feeling overjoyed & felt as if he got a new way of life to live with.
Advised the Patient to maintain his personal hygiene.


                The patient skipped the further follow ups and he came on 07.04.13 with his family members. The medicine based on the symptom similarity had worked here well. The patient is on observation.