Jul 2014|Volume 11|Issue 7
Jul 2014|Vol 11|Issue 7

EBM…in real practice

Dear Readers,
   The Health care system is pooled with plenty of holistic systems and finds an alternative, complement to the modern medicine. Even though every system has its own merits, affirmity is based only on “evidence based Medicine”. Hence we need to focus to learn, teach and practice evidence based medicine

     The studies primarily based on clinical trials which can be amplified to further research studies and specifically on Randomized control study exclusively for Homoeopathic system of Medicine. RCT only opt for Homoeopathic system in research studies as it could be implied in individualistic study of every patient.

   A clinical practitioner can employ himself as a research scholar when he dedicate in case recording, processing, evaluating and manage the case for further follow ups with documentary evidences.

   Such EBM practice has become easy to everyone since today we are in modern era, the technology is advanced with communication devices, an ultra featured mobile can be used to capture a skin lesion. Another very common sources is scientific parameters available in nature of imaging studies and all investigations.

   Sometimes there are hundreds of clinical studies involving hundreds, or even thousands of patients, and those studies all have similar results. That makes advising the patient on the benefits of treatment relatively easy. On the other hand, it could take you to research studies, particularly with a study on RCT on a medicine or nosolgical heading.

   We cannot expect instant fruit from our preliminary clinical work, but later will yield to reap the fruit and enter into the mainstream of medicine .

   Homoeotimes is happy with such sincere work and gained overwhelming response from students, faculties and practitioners. We appeal to every homoeopath to dedicate contribute, evidence based case studies to make our unique system popular

with regards