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Jul 2014|Volume 11|Issue 7
Jul 2014|Vol 11|Issue 7

Maharashtra Govt passed bill for Allopathy practice by Homoeopaths

        PUNE.JUN.13: The both houses of Mahrashtra cabinet passed a bill to permit the Allopathy practice by Homoeopaths. Maharashtra Government amended Maharashtra Medical Council Act and said after one year Pharmacology training they may prescribe allopathy medicines. According to medical education minister Jitendra Awhad, “For a state with a dismal ratio of one doctor to 1,900 people, allowing homoeopathy and ayurvedic practitioners to prescribe allopathic drugs, after some basic allopathic training was a necessity and need of the hour, He described the legislature ratifying the move as a “friendly handshake with doctors.”

       “WHO guidelines prescribe one doctor for a population of 400. Where are our doctors today? MBBS doctors are busy studying for specializations,” Awhad told B J Medical College students on Monday when asked how doctors practicing traditional medicine could prescribe allopathic drugs. The minister was here as part of his new initiative to interact with students of medicine across the state, over a cup of coffee. “More than 6,000 ayurveda practitioners have been agitating and had attempted fast-unto-death to ensure they can prescribe allopathic drugs. Today majority of hospitals are flooded with doctors from homeopathy and ayurveda. Why not ensure they get trained in a year’s course in pharmacology and provide basic allopathic medication,” he asked.

       Dr. Dilip Sarda, president of the state unit of IMA said the day the bill was passed in the legislature was a black Friday. “We will wait for the government notification on the issue and file a writ in High Court opposing”it,” Sarda said. Dr. Mandar Ranade, national speaker for National Integrated Medical Association and others welcomed the passing of the bill.

       A section of homoepathic doctors on condition of anonymity said that it would, however, kill their science of treatment. Central Council of Homeopathy said it will not allow homoeopaths to study allopathy as it was a different branch of medicine. The Maharashtra Council of Homeopathy felt the decision was forced by requirements of the medical system in the state.