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Jul 2014|Volume 11|Issue 7
Jul 2014|Vol 11|Issue 7

TNHMC imposes penalty Rs. 5000 on interns

          CHENNAI. JUN.23: The Tamil Nadu Homoeopathy Medical council imposes penalty on C.R.R.I students for whom to fail to complete the internship within the stipulated time prescribed to get provisional Registration Certificate. The Registrar had circulated letters to the principals of the all Homoeopathy Medical College to furnish, report on such unsuccessful candidates.

        The council passed a resolution recently, which was not circulated within 15 days stipulated time by the president and Registrar of the council. The principal, government Homoeopathy Medical College objected over minutes and some private Homoeopathy Medical Colleges complained to the government for this implementation against the provisions of the Tamil Nadu Homoeopathy System of Medicine and Practitioners of Homoeopathy Act 1971 without government approval

        Earlier the council made compulsory attendances at least two for the CME, Seminars by the council for the C.R.R.I in Tamil Nadu. The student community whispered that we pay extra money for provisional and permanent registration in the council and CME is planned to collect money only. Now this movement not only to extract money from students more and lead pathway for corruption

        The Registration form for CME and Seminars conducted by the council states payment towards Chairman, CME is against the provisions of the act. Some former council members observed and reported the payment in the name of only Registrar of the council. The separate account other than in the Registrar’s name is being operated by the president and Chairman of the CME / Refresher course committee violating the provisions of the Act and hurriedly passed over in the recent meeting to overcome to city Audit, under the auditor general of local funds.