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Jul 2014|Volume 11|Issue 7
Jul 2014|Vol 11|Issue 7

Dr. Mukesh Batra receives lifetime achievement award

          BANGALORE. MAY.28: Dr. Mukesh Batra, Padma Shri recipient, India's most-renowned homeopath, and founder-chairman of Dr. Batra's Group, was honoured with the 'Lifetime Achievement Award' for his service in homeopathy by the World Medical Council (WMC), in presence of world leaders in healthcare at an award function held in Dubai. World Medical Council is a non-profit forum designed for the continuous and conscious development of the medical industry. A panel of external experts which includes researchers, academicians, journalists, professionals and a Nobel laureate from the healthcare sector awarded Dr. Batra with the Lifetime Achievement Award (Homeopathy) for his phenomenal contribution in the healthcare space through homeopathy.

        Accepting the award, Dr Mukesh Batra, said, "I feel honoured and humbled to receive world recognition for my efforts to promote homeopathy. The award accords due and deserving recognition to homeopathy, the world's second-largest medical system, according to WHO. Homeopathy is used by over 500 million people worldwide; it is practiced in over 85 countries. It is also fast emerging as the treatment of first choice for an increasing number of people which includes commoners, celebrities and royalty too. The journey for me has been challenging yet fulfilling. The core belief on which I have built my company is to provide health and wellness to those in need, through cost-effective and safe homeopathy, along with the best of scientific and technological advance."