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Homoeopathy in Cosmetology


Dr.Gnanasambandam, an eminent clinician having clinical experience 34 years , desirers to make awareness, impact among budding Homoeopath on wide range of successful dermatological treatment with cosmetic perspectives, with evidence based studies. Editing this Journal. Serving director of AKP Homoeopathic Clinical Research Center can be reached by 96771 55933 for any professional help in treating the dermatological issuess


      Cosmetology is the skill or improving the appearance of a customer’s face, hair, nail and skin using make-up and beauty treatments. Hair and skin are integral and place the basics for this specialized art. Dermatology, the exclusive branch in Medicine which specialize the treatment for Hair and skin, laid the foundation for cosmetology. Scope in conventional Medicine is limited and many times patient’s faces recurrence while Homoeopathy has a tremendous scope in treating wide range of hair and skin complaints. Today many Homoeopathy pharmaceuticals and corporate are concentration inspiring the amplitude

Overview and Scope of Homoeopathy in Cosmetology

      Cosmetology is a career that includes caring for clients' hair, skin, and nails. The field of cosmetology has continued to advance since those ancient times to being one of the most profitable in the world today. While the areas of career specialty of a cosmetologist includes hairstyling, makeup artistry, skin care specialists, manicurists, and pedicurists, role of a dermatologist is wide in treating the hair ,skin and nail complaints . Hence Cosmetology and Dermatology runs parallel always joining hands together. Modern medicine could serve as palliative and quick remedy finder will always results in recurrence and suppression, perhaps Homoeopathy had proven in many hair, skin and nails ailments. Indeed, Homoeopathy system had proven as best choice as it devoid of any side effects even happened to long term treatment for some ailments, Usually the sufferers chose the system for permanent solutions Many skin ailments escaped from surgical and Haphazard methods. Evidence based studies has been proved in many cases

      The service and extend of cosmetology ranges from Saloons for men and, Beauty Parlors for women commonly. However some cosmetologists specialize in makeup for film and television industry and work on set or privately for famous actresses and actors. Depending on the cosmetology specialty that one chooses, the professional may be exposed to a variety of chemicals indulging adverse reactions. This is especially true for hairstylists/colorists, and for manicurists and pedicurists. At the outset mutual understanding on capacities to render service to the humanity, could amplify the needs of the public
List of ailments allied cosmetology

Clinical and cosmetic Applications
Hair Complaints
Hair Loss

      Hair is almost like a social status for both men and women, and also children. Men and Women who desire to be beautiful almost always longing for elegant and versatile, long hair gives women many options when it comes to styling and creating new looks. Even though the hair is a dead tissue, it suffers from numerous hazards mirroring hair problems.
Clinically we see the patients that few strands on the comb alarms and queries to a physician that hair loss is a sign of baldness. Usually a clinical rule out the external causative factors such as change in Ph of water, disagreement in shampoo, soap, hair oils and also ascertain the causes whether the scalp is free from dandruff and lice or any other infection. Internal causes on nutrition can be estimated by simple study of Haemoglobin and blood study will give enormous information about your nutritional status. Sudden hair loss is expected after fever and medications for any acute ailment, but usually stops after few days. Typhoid and Jaundice needs more care in which many lost their hair. Women who suffer from heavy periods and after delivery also needs much care. If personal and dietary measures are not amenable it is better to seek a professional help from a homoeopathic physician
      Hair loss is a Homoeopathic Physician can understand that the miasmatic influence always, Psora and psora syphilitic inviting the quick relief and also auxiliary mode of treatments like hair oils and shampoos. Clinically the remedies, Acid Flour 1M TDS/one day followed with selenium 200 in case of debilities and Arsenicum album 200C in case skin conditions, Petroleum 200C in seborrhoeic dermatitis had rescued many sufferers. Acid Phos Q / 5 drop/ tds had helped in unsatisfactory cases. The other remedies frequently called are Thalium, Sulphur,Kali Sulph and Mezerium based on symptomatolgy retrieved many cases


      The term Alopecia or Baldness includes the Medical Diagnosis of Male pattern Baldness, Female pattern Baldness, Alopecia areata, Alopecia Totalis, Alopecia Universalis. While hormonal imbalance “Testosterone results male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness”, auto immune reactions and infections gives room for patchy hair loss
Rejuvenation of hair follicles depends on the intensity of the causative factors. An infection, auto immune reactions can be controlled very easily while a hormonal imbalance would be challenging. There is no treatment in cases of natural balding were the scarring has resulted. We can feel the scarring mass by palpation. The hair pores are not visible and are shiny. The skin becomes more adherent to the scalp losing its elasticity. In male pattern baldness the results are satisfactory in prevention aspect and the existing feeble hair growth. If hair root is lost and the result is scaring then the restoration is difficult. This is possible with homoeopathy because it treats the victim as a whole and thus eliminating the causative factors.
      Female pattern baldness always packs Poly Cystic Ovarian Diseases and Thyroid disorders as sequel also quite amenable with homoeopathic treatment. There are plenty of evidences based documents available to support the clinical study. There is lot of clinical evidences available for Alopecia areata and Alopecia Totalis with successful results.
The data entry of our establishment shows 710 cases on hair loss , 138 alopecia areata, 20 cases of Alopecia totalis, 1157 cases of male pattern baldness and 297 cases of female pattern baldness since 2002 . The results are more satisfactory and many evidence basest studies had been collected, published in journals and presentations in seminars illustrated
A sample of case, a female aged 35 years had alopecia totalis was referred by a cosmologist. Hypothyroidism is causation. Homoeopathy rescued her hair growth can appreciated by the Plate I and Plate II

Premature gray Hairs
      Premature graying is common complaint of youngsters, had helped clinically with weisbadan 200C and appropriate constitutional remedies Aged individuals could seek for hair colouring which seeks cosmetologist help

Disorders in Growth and structure

      Clinically women desires for variant long hair and devoid of split ends. Hair growth depends on the Hair growth depends upon the health of hair follicles. Even though many factors like age, diet, genetics, blood circulation, stress level, infections, medication, climate, exposure to hair chemicals, and hairdressing techniques involve hair growth, hormones take vital role. Removal of the cause, appropriate remedies and auxiliary mode of treatment can help them. Hair follicle strengthening could be possible with appropriate medicines. Arnica Montana, Jaborandi externally would be an conservative and Cantharis has helped in pediculosis.

      Another cosmetic common complaint among women is unwanted, Excessive hair growth over face, limbs, chest and abdomen, medically termed as Hirsutism. The sufferers seek self help by plucking, and apply depilatories, subsequently take cosmetologist help for waxing, electrolysis and laser treatment.
      Perhaps, the external measures are temporary; remain seated to attribute the growth until the internal cause for the unwanted hair growth is corrected. The culprit is “Testosterone” hormone clinically packed with Poly Cystic Ovarian Diseases and Hypothyroidism. The causation as expected genetic, drug abuse and endocrines disorders counts in few cases
      This manifestations can be remedied by understanding the Psora- Sycotic miam inviting the clinically proved remedies, Thuja, Sepia, Lachesis , Radium bromide and Oleum Jecoris aloes helped for radical cures on this hydera headed disease which can be illustrated by many evidence based clinical case studies
      The totality of symptoms varies from person to person. In many occasions a well-selected remedy Sepia,Lachesis and Thuja had rooted out all problems. This could be possible because the medicinal action reaches the basic cause of a disease. For instance, Hirsutism, PCOD and Hypothyroidism are basically brought by a genetic mutation of functional disorder or proliferate pathology.
      A teen aged girl who suffered from unwanted facial hair growth as a squele of Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease has recovered externally and clinically. The Serum Testosterone 165 ng/dl before treatment has drastically reduced to 42 ng/dl after treatment. The data entry shows 108 cases in Hirsutism alone, while PCOD 208 cases and 287 cases. Many cases had been treated successfully with evidence based studies which can be appreciated by the reports Plate III and Plate IV


Disorders in Beard and Moustache growth in Males
      Less or absence of moustache and beard growth is a delicate problem in males, which leads cosmetic attention from a social stigma or deliberations in a saloon. The dysfunction of masculinity hormone “Testosrterone” results the complaints. Evaluation of Hormones along with blood parameters, seminal analysis, imaging studies locate the testicular, pituitary dysfunction
      Homoeopathy had proved with evidence based studies and physical features. Many had regained beard and moustache growth and reduction in breast size (Gynacomazia) long with masculine features. Clinically the remedies, Aurum Metalicum, Lycopodium, Selenium, and Nitric Acid had helped
      A boy aged 20 years with the complaints of retarded beard and moustache growth, presented in blood screening of testosterone as 158ng/dl, has improved to 501ng/dl physically changing the facial hair growth and also secondary sexual characters . The values can be evaluated from Plate V and Plate VI. The data entry shows 268 patients since 2008 establishing improvement in many cases with evidence based studies and physical features

Pityriasis Capitis ( Dandruff) and allied disorders
      Dandruff is a common cosmetic complaint in many individuals results in white flakes caused by from excessive sweat sediments and fungal infections mostly mallasezia or pityrosporum. Seborrhoeic Dermatitis results from sebaceous gland affections responsible for grayish and dark flakes Psoriasis can be well differentiated by its enormous silvery scaling with red base. Fungal infection “Alopecia Areata” may cause patchy hair loss, usually identified by the hair dressers and had been referred to Homoeopathic treatment
      Mostly patients seeks shampoos to get rid of the flakes, however internal medication could favour a permanent solution. Homoeopathic remedies, Arsenicum album, Sulphur, Petroleum, Kali sulph, Badiago Silicea , Hepar sulph has helped complete recovery in these scalp ailments along with auxiliary mode of treatment advocating Homoeopathic shampoos and Hair oils as conservative .Data entry shows 191 exclusive Pityrisis capitis cases while 42 scalp psoriasis 30 seborrhoeic dermatitis cases with solutions
      A case of seborrhoeic dermatitis has responded well to petroleum 200C along with auxiliary modes Arnica Shampoo and Cochleria Armoracia Q can be appreciated by Plate VII and Plate VIII

A case of scalp psoriasis fully recovered by Homoeopathic remedies Arsenicum Album and Kali Sulph. No recurrence. Case is illustrated with snap shots Plate IX and Plate X

A case of Tinea Capitis responded to Homoeopathic treatment with Acid flour 1M rescued this case with application of Cochlearia Armoracia Q shall well appreciated by photographs captured during and after Plate XI and XII

Acne Vulgaris

      Pimples, medically known as “Acne” is an embarrassing problem of teens , draws attention of a beautician and parallel consultation with a dermatologist, is a frequent incident in many families . Acne is annoying for the teens since the angry red eruptions disfigure their face, hindering their charm and cheer. Hence its draws cosmetic and treatment attention, which calls for a topical and internal medication and natural care
      The overactive, indurated sebaceous gland is silent for a while and angry red eruptions are troublesome to sufferers to seek, jump to other remedial measures. The White heads denotes active lesions while the black heads denotes the cheminal changes within the lesions. Acne care is important to arrest the further disfigurement causing pitting, scarring and cystic lesions. Pigmentary spots also calls for cosmetic attention
      Homoeopathy has served too many sufferers with internal medication and Auxiliary mode of treatment with topical as conservative. Clinical studies had proved in several varieties of acne and allied disorders such as Poly Cystic Ovarian disease, The Psora, Pseudo psora and sycotic interpretations make a physician to choose an appropriate remedy to serve as permanent. The remedies Thuja, Kali Brom, Rhus Tox, Asteriasius Rubrans, Nuc Juglans had helped in many individuals with good result. Berberis Aquifolium creams serves in the market with an ample of hope for OTC prescriptions
A case of recurrent Acne Vulgaris had responded to Thujalm and Kali Brom 200 with narrow escape from pitting scarring and cystic tendencies. The snap shots taken during before and after treatment can be appreciated here with Plate XIII and Plate XIV

Pigmentary Disorders – Cholasma, Freckles, Leucoderma , Vitiligo
      Cholasma in women invites cosmetic attention, which roots an embarrassing in social gathering. The hyperpigmentray disorders always referral to dermatologist by a cosmetologist. Overactive melanocytes secrete more melanin in cheeks which reflects the uterine, liver disorders and hormonal indulgence. The freckles are common during pregnancy and disappear when hormone is regulated on its own.
      Hyperpigmentray disorders are quite amenable to Homoeopathic treatment. Many Clinical evidences prove the efficacy of Homoeopathy, The remedies Natrum Sulph, Cadmium Sulph , Natrum Carb and Thuja clinical given results. Many corporate and pharmaceuticals inspire the Auxillary mode of treatment with Homoeopathic Remedies Berberis Aquifolium and Haemamelis as creams and claims fairness creams and became leaders in the market
      A male suffered from Hyperpigmentary disorder with causation liver pathology responding to Natrum Sulph Cadmium Sulph cane appreciated by the snap shots Plate XV and XVI

The underactive, defective melanocyte results poor melanin secretion causing Vitiligo and Leucoderma, Which are successfully treated with Homoeopathic treatment. Evidence based studies on vitiligo are quite surprising. The affected victims low self esteem and embarrassed to mingle social gathering when the lesions are in exposed parts like face, forearms , usually seek a cosmetologist for 'cosmetic camouflage’ In fact homoeopathy could help them to overcome their complaints
      A teen aged girl having White discolouration recovered completely with Homoeopathic treatment can be appreciated by snapshots taken during and after treatment Plate XVII and Plate XVIII

Abnormal Growth –Papillomas, Seborrhoeic Warts, Corns, Cysts Keloids and breast lumps

      Surgical intervention to the abnormal growths in Skin always faces recurrence, ultimately patients choose Homoeopathy as alternative in many occasions, when they understand the facts. Papliloma, Seborrhoeic warts occupy the neck and chest areas as skin tags are quite remediable. Homoeopathy had been proved as an efficacious in Cracks and fissures in feet and also corns in soles. Callosities are expected referral to Homoeopathic perspectives. There are clinical evidences that Homoeopathy found effective in dissolving the scar tissues which can be illustrated by clinical evidences on Keloid cures
      Homoeopathy had given implausible results if dissolving the surgical scar tissues and Breast lumps. Many victims fixed for cosmetic surgery in breast augmentation and fibroadenosis removable surgery has escaped from knife. The Psoric and sycotic understanding on miasm would interpret the drugs like Thuja, Causticum, Conium Maculatium, Bryonia, Phytolocca Decandra and Nitric Acid in breast lumps and Pulsatilla, Kali Iodum , Sabal srerrulata in breast augmentation had given clinically best results
A case of seborrhoeic warts in a kid responding to Thuja lM, completely vanished without any trace shall appreciated by Plates XIX and Plate XX

A case of Keloid in Chest which has the tendency to regrow after surgery responds to Homoeopathic remedy Acid Flour 1M could be appreciated by liquefaction of scar tissue by Plate XXI ans Plate XXII


      Obesity is common problem which also comes and cosmetic purview. Many think that obese people look older than their age with less attractive and unpleasant appearance. Obesity arises from multiple factors. It is a complex interaction between genetic, hormonal, psychological, socio-economic, and cultural factors. Eventhough the Vigorous exercises, gymnastics and Dieting yield weight reduction to some extent, hormonal imbalances calls for medical attention. Homoeopathy has been clinically proved that suitable medicine without side effect in Poly cystic ovarian disease, thyroid disorders, hypogonadism and other endocrine disorders with reduction in weight. This is quiet possible with similimum selected such as Calc Carb, Iodium , Pulsatilla, Thuja, Phytolocca Berry would regulate the basic metabolism to rebound normalcy
      Clinically Homoeopathy has proved the life time medication for Hypothyroidism with obesity regulated by dynamic medicines, which can be illustrated with evidence based study. A female aged 30 years presented dullness, hair loss, irregular periods and obesity. TSH elevation was 172.46 uIU/ml,and the low levels of T3, and T4 confirmed the diagnosis of Hypothyroidism has been re3verted normalcy with parameters TSH 3.4 uIU/ml and normal levels of T3,T4 hormones. Her weight 79 kg was reduced to 56kg. This can be evaluated by an illustrartion Plate XXIII and Plate XXIV. No medications now and hormone replacement therapy suggested for lifelong stopped

Disorders in Sweat
      Excessive sweating medically termed “Hyperhiderosis” can not only be an embarrassment, but it also leads to having a very uncomfortable feeling. Hyperhidrosis is experienced over the entire body and sometimes specific to face, scalp, armpits, mostly palms and soles. When excessive sweating is associated with bad odour, it is referred to as bromhidrosis. Homeopathic medicines are of great help in the treatment of excessive sweating and ensure the problem rooting out. The remedies Silicea, Calc Carb, Thuja clically given best results in Hyperhiderosis and patients had given away to perfumes with similimum called for offensive and taking sweats with Arsenicum Album, Thuja, Psorinum , Jaborandi Salvia officianalis

Nail Disorders

      A manicure is a cosmetic treatment of fingernails and toe nails while the pedicure involves special care on feet and shaping nails with tools.Manicurists and pedicurists work exclusively on the hands and feet, providing beatifying treatments. Perhaps , it would be a challenge to them when nails suffers from fungal infection, warty granulations, deformities, brittle, cracked, fissured, pitted discolouration ,psoriasis which are medical termed based on causations
Homoeopathic treatments are quite successful in nail complaints, the remedies, Thuja, Causticum, Antimonium Crudum, Graphites, Silicea

      Now days the field of cosmetology is growing competitive to the modern civilization. Cosmetics and beatifying treatments always needs medicinal help to avoid adverse effects and also referrals to a suitable skin care physicians. Many cosmetologists, beauticians, hair dressers know the efficacy of Homoeopathy and make their clients benefited. Indeed, many pharmaceutical concerns have special focus and successful over financial turn over. Hence an integral, mutual understanding between a cosmetologist and Homoeopath would make cross benefits to their customers, rendering a great service to the humanity