Jul 2018|Volume 15|Issue 7
Jul 2018|Vol 15|Issue 7

Homoeopathy in Cosmetic perspectives...

Dear Readers,

       We thank the authours for the submission of articles on the topic “Homoeopathy in Cosmetology” extending its wings to create an awareness among ourselves for self promotional aspects of young budding Homoeopaths

     Many young homoeopaths frustrated in clinical set ups as Classical group of ailments and neglecting the field of Cosmetic application as they would think handling such is not respected by fraternity. Ofcourse such elevation is possible after more and more experiences
     Perhaps , inspiring the overwhelming response of cosmetic allied treatment all the pharmaceuticals in Homoeopathy mint money as a main share ,while the physicians deprived of all merits to inspire, apply, lead a happy life without any financial constrains
     We came across several cosmetic clinics are emerging with successful results in India. Many corporates have attraction, came forward to employ Homoeopaths and benefits by marketing, digging down on their own skills
     Homoeo Times had come forward to invite the title with more number in submissions and also sharing clinical experiences. I also illustrated with clinical tips on my own and our team clinical experience to help the young to start their own clinical establishments
     We have organized a team of doctors to help. Young homoeopaths shall use the helpline no 96771 55933 for interpretation on their prescriptions
     We make an appeal to the Homoeopathic community to submit more evidence based studies for the forth coming Title” Alopecia” and clinical experience to help each other to set up more number of Homoeopathy Clinics in and around, serving to popularize, benefit the public with radical cures