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Jul 2018|Volume 15|Issue 7
Jul 2018|Vol 15|Issue 7

TNHMC issued Notice to Fake Electro Homoeopathy Medical Colleges


     CHENNAI. JUN 10: TNHMC has issued notices to the fake Electro Homoeopathy Medical Colleges which carried out Advertisements in Vellore, Dharmapuri and Madurai Districts. The registrar has summoned to submit affiliation details to the council for further action. The council is screening the fake institutions running in the state to initiate action.
     The council already discussed in the enquiry meeting last month. The Committee discussed mushrooming of quacks and bogus intuitions in Homoeopathy in the state. The committee observed Electro Homoeopathy colleges and fake institutions ruin the future of students without any approval status of the council as per provisions of the act and discussed misleading Hon’ble court orders for their practice without approval status of the institution. Many fake Homoeopathy doctors practice without registration and other system practitioners practice homoeopathy violating the provisions of the Act.
     The committee discussed that various organizations and individual capacity organize seminars, meetings associates with quacks contravening the provisions of the central and state council Act, giving birth and emergence of quackery in the state.
     The committee resolved to take action against the bogus institutions and bogus clinics in Tamil Nadu and also to give press release to create awareness among the public about the bogus institutions and bogus clinics and lodge complaints to the Registrar and Police Department to initiate action and eradicate quackery in the state. The committee resolved to investigate by after making visit to the bogus institutes and clinics. The committee also resolves to lodge the complaints to the police under IPC sections and also provisions of the Act