June 2011|Volume 8|Issue 6
June 2011|Vol 8|Issue 6


...More on dynamic diseases


Dear Readers,
       Today the world realizing the real facts about homoeopathy after searching the material part of Homoeopathic Medicines The scientists prove that homoeopathic medicines are more potent and efficacious even after serial dilutions. The medical scientists and the scientists from physics and chemistry also probe their mind in searching the reality.

         Homoeopathy renders great service in treating the dynamic disease rather than the other systems of Medicine. The genius of Homoeopathy lies in dynamic understanding of the disease and dynamic application of Medicines. This is a greatest contribution to the world that contributed by the founder of Homoeopathy Dr.Samuel Hahnemann

       Even though we treat successfully on the other sides, other than dynamic nature of the diseases, we need more attention towards the true natural chronic disease as Hahnemann emphasize in aphorism 78. We have great hope in treating the incurables disease by understanding the miasmatic influence in a particular individual and gain a special appreciation from patients.

       Hahnemann understood the truth after 20 years of practice and he believed homoeopathy could tackle the chronic diseases and he prescribed the guidelines for our practice by contributing the wonderful book on chronic diseases.

      This special application is missing in other systems and we had been provided by wonderful healing power with homoeopathic medicines. To day we see lots of Homoeopaths are shining in their practice who understood and apply the truth practically to their patients. Let us spare some time to make it well documented to bring the reality of cure to the world.

with regards