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June 2011|Volume 8|Issue 6
June 2011|Vol 8|Issue 6


Dr. B. D. Patel M.D (hom)

       Prof.Dr.B.D.Patel is known for his oration and dedication for the development of Homoeopathic system. He is a well known academician and clinician,serving the community as a good speaker and practitioner.The Research Society of India had honoured him with excellence Service in Homoeopathy Award at Agra and Dr.Hahnemann Memorial National Award at Hyderabad Conferences.He was born at Hyderabad, schooling at the same place, he finished his science degree joined homoeopathy at Govt JSPS Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital did Post Graduation from Shri Sainath Post Graduation Institute of Homoeopathy, Allahabad.

       He started his career as a Lecturer and became the Principal of Homoeopathy Medical College & Hospital, Chandigarh, later he joined as the principal, Government Homoeopathy Medical College and Hospital, Bangalore. He quit the post to serve the patients and earned a reputed name in the field of Homoeopathy. He also served as Director and Dean of the Vinayaka Mission’s Homoeopathy Medical College, Salem, Tamil Nadu. His teaching involves more of Practical Approach to the subject (unlike only theory) with case studies of patients. Many students remember his teaching of Materia Medica and Organon as one of the best ways of making an impact on the students mind. His lectures are always filled with some amount of humor. He has a reputation of being very strict and upright administrator.

       He served as the first Chairman of the Board of studies (Homoeopathy), Bangalore University and also served as member on the Advisory Committee, Government of Karnataka. He was an examiner for many universities and considered as an expert for various committees. He lectures at various colleges in India for the post graduate students. He speaks more than fourteen Indian languages including Sanskrit, he is known for his quickness in perception. He also proved to the community as poet by his contributions in Hindi and Urdu.

He can be contacted at

Richmond Plaza, Richmond Circle,
Mobile: 9845499428
Email: drpatelbd@gmail.com

- Dr. K.Savitha