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June 2011|Vo8|Issue 6


Book Review
Secret Lanthanides - Dr.Jan Scholten

       Dr.Jan Scholten’s latest offering, Secret Lanthanides, published by Enlightenment Education Pvt. Ltd., India, is one of the first attempts at understanding the homoeopathic applications of the, so far, unknown lanthanides. The book explores unknown terrain. It gives, in detail, the homoeopathic indications and scope of lanthanides in general, and each lanthanide in particular. Dr. Jan Scholten elucidates his experiences and deductions on the series in a detailed manner. His method of arrival at the remedy in his cases, whether in metallic or compounds form, is noteworthy.

      The inclusion of the physical data of the element before its drug picture gives an insight into the qualities of the personification of the drug. The biggest asset, which is that there is a lot of information included in the book. This tends to overwhelm the reader a little. To state an example, at the beginning of each drug, Scholten gives a table explaining in the form of single words, the essence of the Series and Stage. Dr. Scholten’s simple descriptions do succeed in giving the reader a graphic image of the drug in his mind.

      Also, Dr. Scholten compares the essence of the lanthanide remedies with the mythological Labors of Heracles and characters from the Odyssey. Although it is thought-provoking and fascinating, the Labors of Heracles and Odyssey, both a part of Greek mythology, are not universally known. Hence, for many readers, understanding lanthanides through these channels would require a prior knowledge of Greek mythology, which may not be practical for everyone.

       All in all, this book combines the fields of homoeopathy, physics, chemistry, psychology, medicine and mythology to give an unusual, but in depth analysis of the elements we call lanthanides, making it an educational experience and an interesting read.

Price: Rs.650/-
Pages: 512

Publisher : Enlightenment Education Pvt LTD
8, Hari Nivas ,Dattatrays Road
Santacruz (W), Mumbai
Phone: 00912226614532