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June 2011|Volume 8|Issue 6
June 2011|Vol 8|Issue 6

Reminiscence 2011


      BEED.APRIL.23: An Alumni Meet of post Graduate students of Sonajirao Kshirsagar Homoeopathic Medical College,”Reminiscence - 20'l.l” was hosted at college. Dr. Arun Bhasme welcomed the gathering. Hon'ble Minister Shri. Jaidatta Kshirsagar was the chief Guest to the occasion. Dr. Arun Jamkar,Vice-Chancellor of Maharashtra University of Health Sciences; Dr. Ramjee Singh, President of Central Council of Homoeopathy; Dr. S.P.S. Bakshi, Former President of Central Council of Homoeopathy; Dr. S.P Singh Chairman of P.G. Education Committee, Dr. Eswara Das, Consultant Advisor to Homoeopathy; Dr. Lalit Verma, Secretary of Central Council of Homoeopathy; Dr. S.K. Tiwari, Director of National Institute of Homoeopathy, and Dr.Priya Mahindre, Chairman of Maharashtra Council of Homoeopathy participated this function.

     Dr. Prafull Vijaykar, Dr. Rajan Sankaran, Dr. Parinaz Humranwala, Dr. Jawahar Shah and Dr. Ajit Kulkarni were the post graduated from this college and they were presented with testimonials Dr.Chaturbhuja Nayak, former Director, CCRH spoke on life- history of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. Dr.Subas Singh highlighted historical background of the college. The alumni of the college include the pioneers in the field, Dr. Saidul lslam Dr. S.M. Singh Dr. Ashish Datta, Dr. Farookh Mastar, Dr. S.M. Desarda, Dr. Srivatsava, Dr. J.D. Daryani, Dr. M.R.
Srivaisan, Dr. Arun Jadhav, Dr. J.K. Patel, Dr. Mrudulkumar Sahani, Dr. PankajSharma, Dr.Pankaj Dave, Dr. Girish Dhadphate and Dr. Prafult Raiii

      Dr. Praveen Kumar anchored the program and Dr. Sunil Parse gave vote of thanks.