June 2012|Vol 9|Iss6

A Case of Polycystic Ovary


Dr.Prasanna Babu presents here a case on Polycystic Ovary. He can be contacted at Venkateshwara Homoeo Clinic, No.18 A/1 Pattala Street, Toll gate, Chinna Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu. Pin : 631501. Email:drprasannaa@gmail.com


         An unmarried girl aged twenty one years consulted for irregular menses since six months. Menses occurs once in every two to three months. She was looking fair and obese. Her weight was gained to 9 kgs within four months.

Presenting complaints

         Pain in the left side lower abdomen with irregular menstruation since six months. Amenorrhoea since two months. Difficulty in passing stool since three months. She also has weight gain since last few months.

Past history

         Patient had recurrent tonsillitis since three years and treated with homoeopathic medicine. Right Oophrectomy done at the age of sixteen years. Surgery history not clear.

Family history

         Father known diabetic since 4 years.

Physical general

• Appetite- Good
• Bowel – Stool hard, difficulty to pass, passing stool alternate days only.
• Perspiration- More on scalp and forehead only
• Sleep – Good
• Desires – ice-cream++

General Physical Examination

Pulse: 70 beats/min
BP: 130/80 mmHg

Menstrual history

Menarche at the age of 12 years.
Irregular menses 50 to 90 days once cycle, flow lasts three to four days, dark blood with thick clots, LMP-30-11-10.

Mental general

She is very anxious
Aversion to physical work


USG abdomen on 17-12-10 shows Left side poly cystic ovary
Lt Ovary: 4.1 x 2.3 x 1.9 cm =9 cc Volume
Left Ovary shows peripherally arranged small follicles and Stromal hypertrophy
No adnexal mass on either side. (Refer Plate I)

First prescription                         18-12-10

         Thuja 1m one dose tds


         The case was prescribed with Thuja based on the cystic tendency and followed with Lachesis for left side affection and dysmenorrhoea with dark clotted blood. She responded well to our dynamic remedies, her menses was regulated and her scanning reported normal.(Refer Plate II).