June 2013|Volume 10|Issue 6
June 2013|Vol 10|Issue 6

Homoeopathy in the light of Nanotechnology...

Dear Readers,
       From Copernicus and Galileo onwards the world has witnessed criticism and total condemnation and punishment for their radical but bold declaration of the truth as they discovered by their hard work and struggle. Recognition has come only after their death as the basic and applied sciences advanced despite many obstacles.

         In the light of the rapid and giant developments in the various aspects of nanotechnology, it is at last the time for Hahnemann to be vindicated of all the negative criticism borne for over two centuries. Homoeopathy can finally shed its branding of “placebo”, “pseudo-science”, etc. and make it known to the world that it is probably the earliest application of nanoparticles in the world.

        Nanotechnology has given rise to better and deeper understanding of the processes of life. It has led to the development of a wide range of tools in the field of medicine for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. It has gone so far as to utilize nanorobots to perform surgical interventions at the cellular and sub-cellular levels.

        Homoeopathy is truly a nano-science as our medicines, even in the lower potencies fall in the realm of the nano scale. The higher we go in potentization, we are in a realm of sub-nano particles and energies. With the availability of tools to study the action of Homoeopathic potencies on living human cells we would gain a clear understanding of the modus operandi of the homoeopathic medicines. We need not resort to just clinical evidences to convince the efficacy of the infinitesimal dose to the scientific world.

        Words like Similia, Simplex and Minimum gain in-depth scientific weightage. The concept of individualization, vital principle and the role of susceptibility easily fall in place in the large jig-saw puzzle of understanding of Homoeopathy by the modern scientists. Understanding genetic data of generations of humans will give a deep and true picture of the miasmatic traits of the human race.

        The future generation of Homoeopathic physicians will be armed with a crystal clear understanding of the processes of health and disease as well as medicinal action. May humanity benefit from this marriage of Homoeopathy and nanotechnology.

        Long Live Hahnemann. Aude Sapere.

with regards