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Dr. Jawahar Shah
     Dr.Jawahar Shah, the world’s renowned physician, known for his passion for computarisation, has effectively harnessed the infinite potential of computers to build softwares to provide excellent services to the Homoeopathic Community. His contribution towards “ Repertoraisation” ,by using his software is tremendous and has minimized the laboriuous task of every homoeopath.

    Jawahar Shah was born in 1955 in Mumbai, India. Graduated from CMPH Medical College in 1976. He is a seasoned classical homoeopath and has been practicing homoeopathy for more than 30 years.

  He has been teaching homoeopathy, both at the national and the international level and has organized many seminars in various countries across the globe. He is a former Member of the Central Council of Homoeopathy, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India.

  Dr.Jawahar Shah is a pioneer in homoeopathic software development and has to his credit the development of Hompath, one of the major software used by homeopaths. Dr. Jawahar Shah is the lead promoter behind MIND TECHNOLOGIES. In the past thirty years, he has conducted more than 500 Lectures, courses and seminars in 22 countries. He is a contributor to various National and International Scientific Journals in the form of articles and research papers.

  He has simplified everything in homoeopathic education, research and all books, bringing all together under the digital library. His innovations are always user and friendly, thus making the tough job of every homoeopath to understand and keep fit to the modern era. He contributed CURE CDs, case histories with evidence based studies by pioneer homoeopaths

He can be contacted at

Mind Technologies
8, New Hari Niwas,
Dattatray Road, Santacruz (W),
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India - 400 054,
Phone: 022 - 2661 4532 / 2661 6561
Fax: 022 - 2660 6988
Email: info@hompath.com