Jun 2014|Volume 11|Issue 6
Jun 2014|Vol 11|Issue 6

Case recording … Utility

Dear Readers,
   When a student is engaged in clinical studies, he ought to bind the rules in case recording, but in clinical practice his rules are different. The importance of case recording is recognized only when improving remarkably. Many occasions we are in receipt of clinical evidences, photographs without case details. Many physicians doubted on their remedy which excelled the wonder in their case since they failed to record the case. Such laziness ends in futile their sincere work and failing to share our community

     We appeal to all clinicians to record the case according to their convenience. It varies from a gist, bound register, leaf folder methods etc. Everywhere, now computer software replaced all and serves in finger tips benefiting to pick up every data.

   Record keeping helps to follow the case judiciously and scientifically. Record keeping reflects the skill of the physician – records speak of the failure and success of past and present and serve as a guide for future.
Anyone can assess the miasm responsible for the given chronic disease and thus he is directed to select the medicine according to the miasm. This will help to promote research on multidimensional aspect and enable a physician publication case studies and research works in scientific Journals

   Indeed the data base serves the Homoeopathy community to excel in treatment of incurable disease. Finally we could challenge legal proceedings personally and on our community to aid our system to enter the main stream and overcome all criticisms.

   Hence we appeal and urge all physicians to record their case regularly and collect pictures, the clinical evidences to expertise, share our community through the scientific journals

with regards