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Jun 2014|Volume 11|Issue 6
Jun 2014|Vol 11|Issue 6

Panel discussion on Modified Lifestyle & Homoeopathy

          NEWDELHI.APR.27: The Board of Homoeopathic system of medicine, Govt. of Delhi in collaboration with Delhi Homoeopathic Federation, organized a Panel Discussion on “Homoeopathy in Lifestyle Diseases” in Delhi at Pearey Lal Bhawan on the occasion of 259th birth anniversary of Dr. Hahnemann. Dr.K.K.Juneja, Chairman Delhi Homoeopathic Board welcomed the gathering. He said that there are more than 4300 doctors Registered with the Board. He informed that Homoeopathic Pharmacy course is also like to be started soon. Dr. Ramji Singh, President, CCH, Govt. of India was the chief guest. Dr.Radha Das, Homoeopathic Advisor, Govt. of India, Dr.Arun Bhasme, Vice President CCH, Dr.Eswar Das & Dr. Lalit Verma, Secretary & Registrar CCH were the guest of honours. The function was presided by Dr.S.P.S.Bakshi, former President CCH.

      Dr.R.K.Manchanda, Director General, CCRH initiated the discussion by giving an overview of Life Style Disease and highlighted around 10 such diseases, primarily focusing on Diabetes, Hypertension and Obesity. Dr.S.M Singh gave very interesting cases treated by him with homoeopathy where there was no hope left. Modified lifestyle, Meditation, practice of Yoga and Homoeopathy can keep a man healthy said Dr. Girish Gupta. Prof. Dr. A. K. Gupta said these diseases are the outcome of Faulty Life Style which includes Faulty Diet, Undue Tension, Mental Stress or Anxiety, Lack of Exercise, Late Night or Inadequate Sleep and Indulgence in Stimulants like Smoking, Alcohol and Drugs etc. Correction of Life Style along with Homoeopathy can treat and Cure these problems. Adopting a Healthy Life Style can prevent many diseases. Dr.Mridul Sahani, Dr. Praveen Oberoi talked about the various research studies conducted by CCRH and Dr.Nandini Sharma spoke about obesity. About 1000 delegates has gathered in the event.