June 2017|Volume 14|Issue 6
June 2017|Vol 14|Issue 6

Clinical Workshops… clinical outlook

Dear Readers,

       We appreciate the authors and clinicians for their submissions on “ Compositae Family”. We hope the submission are enough to cover the entire family both academic and clinical experiences and case studies. The views and clinical experiences on this topic will be beneficial for the entire community.

     The Journal has decided to host Clinical workshops inviting the participants with clinical evidences. As an initiation, we host a “Vitiligo Workshop” commemorating the World Vitiligo day on 27th June 2017 as continuation of public awareness program on Vilitigo last year

       This work shop is limited with 50 clinicians with Clinical experience and Clinical evidence on Vitiligo to categories “ Clinical panelists’. Each panelist will present the cases and his views in treatment, management, advice to the patients will be considered and discussion in the post lunch session will be taken into resolutions and recommendations

       The workshop is planned to submit the out comes to the Government and media on the efficacy of Homoeopathy in Vitiligo treatment. This model will be adopted in future with different titles

       We inform that the Journal price is revised to cope up the production cost and we request the subscribers to regret and extend the support . We planned to introduce more innovative new features for learning, update and enrich knowledge.

       We thank for your appreciations on the publication of TN Homoeo Directory 2017 and we kindly inform that requests to publish the directory for the neighbour states is practically difficult, indeed a concise directory of physicians on national perspective is possible in future