Jun 2018|Volume 15|Issue 6
Jun 2018|Vol 15|Issue 6

Homoeopathy in Vitiligo …

Dear Readers,

       We thank the authours for the submission of articles on the topic “Dynamism in Vitiligo” Homoeopathy has wide scope in the treatment of chronic disease, particularly the incurable disease. The scope of Homoeopathy is more in the treatment of depigmentary disorders. A wide range of vitiligo and Leucoderma are quite amenable to Homoeopathic treatment

     Clinical evidences established by snapshots enormously contributed by the Homoeopathy fraternity is high enough to illustrate the Homoeopathy is a pool proof system.
     This is possible by the dynamic concept of Medicine enables to act to the core level on the dynamic disease and individualistic approach. Vitiligo is a dynamic disease with scarcity of symptoms. This one sided disease can be clinically applied successfully by miasmatic and individualistic approach.
     Homoeopathy excels in the treatment of Vitiligo, beyond the doubts. Even though the way of approach differs to physician to physician, the supremacy of cure can be explained scientifically by understanding the miasms. Indeed we are in need for more evidence based studies which could enable to enter the mainstream of medicine.
     We make an appeal to the Homoeopathic community to submit more evidence based studies in the other ontological tittles, entrusting a great service for the development of Homoeopathy