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Dr.B.Sohan Singh
  Dr.B.Sohan Singh, a lifetime achiever, dedicator, famous, flourishing practitioner in Vijayawada for more than 27 years. A huge sum of money from his earnings goes for the development of Homoeopathy.If you enter the premises of Government Homoeopathic Medical College; you can see the buildings for clinical laboratory, library and hospital extension. He has donated more than 55 lakhs for construction. He has also started a Government Homoeopathic Pharmacy and created a botanical garden. He has also donated money for the development of departments in homoeopathic colleges in Gudiwada, Cuddapah and Rajamundry.

     Hailing from Gudiwada in Andhra Pradesh, he is a lifetime achiever in Homoeopathy. Having graduated from Osmania College he finished diploma from Gudiwada Homoeopathic Medical College. He started his career as Lecture in Anatomy. He has worked in the departments of Surgery, Practice of Medicine etc., in Cuddapah, Gudiwada, Rajamundry and Hyderabad.
Since 1976, he has severed as General Secretary and President of Andhra Pradesh Homoeopathic Medical Officers Association. He is an elected member for Central Council of Homoeopathy from 1998. He is also the member for PG Education Committee and Executive Committee in CCH. He worked as Superintendent in Government. Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital, Hyderabad from 2000 till his retirement in March 2005. He has been appointed as Guide and Examiner for M.D.(Hom) by CCH to all the states of our country.

The world renowned Prevention Project for Japanese Encephalitis with homoeopathic drugs in Andhra Pradesh has been programmed and carried out successfully by him. He has carried out another large-scale project in prevention of Flourosis in Nalgonda District in 2003. He has also made arrangements for the introduction of Emergency kit in Homoeopathy and for the provision for the same in various health centers. Recently after his retirement he has established a Homoeopathic hospital and research center in Jubilee hills, Hyderabad.
As a pioneer in homoeopathy he has been punctual and perfect in his work and has dedicated his career towards the development of homoeopathy.

He can be reached at
758/1,Journalist Colony
Road No-3 Banjarah.PO
Andra Pradesh
Pin : 500034
Phone : 9440464597

-Dr. Anandhi Senthilmohan