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Mar 2013|Volume 10|Issue 3
Mar 2013|Vol 10|Issue 3

High Court orders on fake entries in TN Homoeopathy Council

          CHENNAI.DEC.2: The Madras High court ordered the Registrar of Tamil Nadu Homoeopathy Medical council to rectify the Registry in accordance to the act within eight weeks disposing the writ petition filed by Dr.R.Gnanasambandam, former President, Tamil Nadu Homoeopathy Medical council.

        He stated in his petition that Medical Register is not updated and prepared in accordance with the Act and purposely for illegal entries, malpractice in election and to two members the Central Council for Homoeopathy by keeping the strength as above 10,000

        The Tamil Nadu Homoeopathy Medical council registers the institutionally trained physicians under Class-A. The physicians with 10 years experience are registered under Class-B and 4 years experience with pass in written test is registered in Class-C. The Class-B and Class-C registration was stopped on 04.05.1976 and the Medical Register was published in the year 1978. This Class-A registration alone is continuing and prevailing now.

        The Rule 11(3) the registrar , has to publish the Medical Register in the Tamil Nadu Government in the month of February every year and send them to the collector and municipal commissioners under the Rule 10(8)(ii) for the purpose of indentifying the practitioner in each locality to furnish the death report of the practitioners. The last edition of medical Register alone the evidence of Registration of a practitioner and therefore it is utmost legal importance

        The Medical Register of A, B and C classes are not published every year in accordance with provisions. The Medical Registers were not published after 1978 .The council converted the “ C” class to “B” Class passing a resolution on 12.3.1985 ignoring the provisions of the act and tend to blame the Government for amending the act. The central council for Homoeopathy insisted to the remedy the defect by several letters to the council
Utilizing these opportunity, vulnerable activity observed such as impersonation, illegal entries had resulted owing to the vested interest of some council members and its officials. A Registrar himself registered his name violating the law. One of the member’s daughter in law’s name was found in the government gazette impersonating a deceased practitioners and most synonymous name of the many entries had changed. Many practitioners in A class registry shows C/o addresses even though they are not residing in that addresses

        He also added that the maintenance of Register is duty of the Registrar and Registrar is responsible for fake entries without calling proof of addresses along with photo identity cards and their signatures and thumb impressions

        He insisted the republication of the first Medical Register which published in 1978 for B and C classes and the entire list of A class and serve the copies to the Municipal Commissioner and the Collector to find out the fake entries made out so far, rechecked by the issuing authorities at collectorate level and all culprits can be identified by the registrar to take legal action against them

        He added further that throwing advertisements to update the Register do not fulfill the provisions of the state Act. He also placed request to update register before conducting an election

Honorable Justice Paul Vasantha kumar heard the case and ordered the Registrar to update within eight weeks. J.Saravanavel a leading lawyer appeared for the petitioner . G.Chandra babu is functioning as Registrar of the council, serving after Thiru C.Soundarajan. Dr.G.P.Hahnemann is president of the council