Mar 2014|Volume 11|Issue 3
Mar 2014|Vol 11|Issue 3

Unique system…

Dear Readers,
   Homoeopathy system is a distinctive unique system which struggles for its popularirty. Dr.Hahnemann, father of Homoeopathy faced enormous criticism and hurdles from the days of inception. The scientific community paved clinical evidences on homoeopathy and the Law of infinitesimals had been told the action of drugs as placebo effect.

     Now our own brothers lost their confidence in Homoeopathy, seeking to practice modern medicine legally. The uniquiness of Homoeopathy fades away and every physician would loss his individualty.

   Eventhough Medical education was integrated in earlier days of inception; our government streamlined every system for its uniquness. Each and every system has its merits. Today we see in News papers that many state governments are moving towards special training to legalize. Such efforts would spoil the growth of Homoeopathy

   We thank all authors for submission on special theme for Dr. Kent. The authors had made their reminiscence of Dr. Kent’s contribution. Homoeo Times thanks the authors for contributing clinical cases with evidence based documents.

   We received appreciation for new inclusion on student’s corner. Students can send their activities. The legal corner also received rewards. We thank all for immense support to continue our dedicated service to the community. We expect your kind co operation to share your knowledge by submitting more evidence based case studies to sail our system in the mainstream of medicine

with regards