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Dr. Pawan Pareek, MD (Hom)
     Dr. Pawan Pareek a leading practitioner started his clinical practice in the city of Taj mahal, Agra, India in 1993 with a determination to cure difficult and surrendered cases. He has rich a teaching and clinical experience of about 21 years. He is a visiting professor to many homoeopathic colleges of the world

     He has worked a lot on Brain tumor, Cerebro vascular accident, hydrocephalus, Epilepsy, Cirrhosis of Liver, chronic renal failure, large kidney and ureteric stone, Fibroid Uterus, Benign hypertrophic prostate, cancer, skin, and on many declared difficult and incurable diseases. He has been engaged in research with enthusiastic results on Aids, cancer and surgical cases. His professional articles are published in various journals & web journals of the world.

     He is a speaker in many national and international conferences. He lectures in seminars on evidence based homoeopathy all over the world. He has presented papers on various topics like Homoeopathy in Advance Nephro-Urology, Epilepsy and homoeopathy, Beating cancer with homoeopathy, Cirrhosis of liver and its successful homoeopathic treatment, Promising super special Homoeopathic care to difficult pediatric cases etc.

     He has been adjudged as an excellent speaker in the seminar on "Anemia and its management" organized by Dr. S. P. Chaterjee memorial health association, September 2004, Jamshedpur, India. He has been awarded the “star of excellence” by faculty of homoeopathy, Malaysia.

He can be contacted at

Dr. Pawan Pareek’s Homoeopathic Research Centre
Moti katra, Near Patel Nagar
Agra, Uttar Pradesh
Phone No. : +91-562-2466720, 3295111
E-mail: drpawanpareek@rediffmail.com