Mar 2017|Volume 14|Issue 3
Mar 2017|Vol 14|Issue 3

Medical Register...the legal document for Registration

Dear Readers,

       We are happy to know that Tamil Nadu Homoeopathy Medical council successfully updated, revised Medical Register published in Tamil Nadu Government Gazette eliminating all bogus entries. Every one can Judge to illegalities. The present figure 3814 Registrations and 1261 in B Class can judge great reduction over 5337 A class and 15,196 B class !

    The TNHMC act emphasize that every year the Medical Register revised published in the month of February and also the copies are send to District Collector to more authenticity and furnish details like death. The entire duty is neglected since 39 years only for the cause of illegal Registrations and was reservoir for impersonated certificates on demised physicians names
    Government of India and Tamil Nadu taking immense steps for progress, while this malpractice pricks its own eye by means of power by nominations and election malpractices
    Publication of Medical Register alone the evidence of Registration according to law. A practitioner once his name removed and published by disciplinary action cannot practice. Hence Medical Registers are vital before law and indirectly eliminates all quacks, which are subject to legal action. This document also enables to protect every practitioner from police harassment
    Government of India enacted the Clinical establishment act which center core for Medical Registers of Systems of Medicine. I think the publication of medical Register is a foundation stone for the development of Homoeopathy to fulfill the prosperity of young Homoeopathy by all means!
    We can expect more from the Government on authentication of Certificates required by law and postings in Government dispensaries and pension schemes.

    Let us hope for the good ...this year onwards