Mar 2018|Volume 15|Issue 3
Mar 2018|Vol 15|Issue 3

Refresher course …

Dear Readers,

       We thank all author for pouring more articles, clinical experiences and cases on “Tinea”. We are unable to publish all articles as usual. We have published the articles from new authors to encourage their involvement and with an eye on their quality. More clinical experience on this topic is stored and will be published in future issues. We thank all authors for their enthusiastic participation.

     We hope that write-ups given by authors will be definitely helpful for our readers to update their knowledge and experience. Tinea is very common ailment now days. Homoeopathy serves extensively in bringing the victims to the harmony.
       Tamil Nadu Homoeopathy Medical council organizes two days workshop on clinical Homoeopathy, under the provisions of Refresher course to update their clinical knowledge on 10th & 11th April 2018 at Kalaivanar Arrangam , Chennai commemorating the the 263rd Birth Anniversary and World Homoeopathic day Celebrations. The council has introduced CME credit points for the participants. The council also constituted “Similimum Achiever” Award for the physicians with extraordinary merit
       We inform that the Journal price is revised to cope up the production cost and we request the subscribers to regret and extend the support. We planned to introduce more innovative new features for learning, update and enrich knowledge.