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Mar 2018|Volume 15|Issue 3
Mar 2018|Vol 15|Issue 3

Promotion of posts on Common Rotation


     CHENNAI. FEB.21: Dr.K.Chandran member, Tamil Nadu Homoeopathy Medical council proposed promotion on common rotation in all branches. He presented a memorandum stating “Homoeopathy is a constituent of Directorate of Indian Medicine and Homoeopathy with 107 dispensaries at various levels in the primary, secondary and tertiary level of medical care, National Rural Health Mission and one full pledged Homoeopathic Medical College under the nest. I presume that there is a dispute has arrived in promotions in Government Homoeopathic Medical College and Assistant Medical Officers. It has been observed that promotions even much delayed one which invited cases in Hon’ble courts
     In the Clinical Side the doctors are unfortunate that they entered as Assistant Medical Officer (AMO) and retires as AMOs .They are deprived of basic rights for promotion because of the reason that Department has not given any higher cadre to doctors of Homoeopathy. The Siddha system has got relief as the whole state is having 2 or 4 medical officers .But system of Homoeopathy is in such a pathetic condition to position only as Asst Medical Officer. This condition relies only in Tamil Nadu.. But in other states the post of Assistant Director, Deputy Director or Joint Director are in AYUSH Departments. . To come out of this critical situation I submit the following suggestions for your kind consideration
     He insisted the appointment of Joint Director can be from all branches. At present the Department has only one Joint Director and Joint Director (Ex Officio) for Yoga and Naturopathy are available. The holders of the post of Joint Director belong to the Siddha system only. It is quiet natural that when a quality of development comes the incumbent as a human being Siddha system first. There by the other systems naturally go behind. Therefore I am of the opinion that the post of Joint Director may be filled up from among the senior most AYUSH officer from irrespective of the system, based on a common seniority and qualification equally from college and clinical grounds.

     He also requested to redesignate the DSMO as District AYUSH Medical Officer (DAMO) in District administration. At present 22 District Siddha Medical Officers are available to handle 32 Districts. The position of DSMO is the same that prevails in the post of Joint Director. Here at the District level the other systems like Ayurveda, Unani,Naturopathy and Yogic Science and Homoeopathy are deprived of any promotion. Therefore in the District level also the post of DSMO can be redesignated as District AYUSH Medical Officer (DAMO) in the same scale of pay as in the case of allopathic system of Medicine. This will not invite any financial incumbency to the Department. The post may be given to the senior most AYUSH Medical Officers irrespective of the system and qualification
     Dr.Chandran insisted time bound promotion for all systems and in homoeopathy system of Medicine as well as the promotion is not in existence. As said earlier a person joins the government service at the age of 25 as AMO and retires at the age of 58 as AMO. This pathetic condition depriving the basic rights should not continue .Therefore the post of Medical Officers may be created. Time bounding promotions are not in existence in all AYUSH systems and a common seniority is not maintained for appointment of Joint Director and District AYUSH medical Officer