Mar 2019|Volume 16|Issue 3
Mar 2019|Vol 16|Issue 3

Homoeopathy... in mainstream of Medicine

     We thank for the submissions for the exclusive title “ Dynamism in Crohn’s Disease ” We have received many submissions, among them, the suited subjects had been published to give whole picture of Crohn’s Disease. Many repetitions on the same titile had been avoided.

     We have received case studies with evidence based documenters. Dr. Dr.Sr.Mable Clara D Mello had presented a case on diabetic foot ulcer and Dr.S.Nithya had shared here case study on Bell’s palsy with evidence based documents
The clinical experience has not received input up to our expectation ,however fee had been published. Which shows many clinicians needs update on the particular title and less awareness from the public. We have informed formally that Homoeotimes had created great input among younger generations for opening new clinic and career options from different sources .
We are happy that many students had participated the MEDI QUIZ 2019 session with many enthusiasms. Many colleges from north and south had participated with long continued support and their interest. We are sure that this quiz enriches the students with formal way
We are thankful to all for long continued support and overwhelming response from all cadres in Homoeopathic fraternity We assure to serve the best for development of Homoeopathy