A case of Bell’s palsy treated with Causticum



Dr.S.Nithya M.D(Hom)
Assitant professor ,
Dept of Practice of medicine,
 Martin Homoeopathy Medical College,
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Dr.Nithya ,Assistant professor , Martin Homoeopathy Medical College had her under graduation from Hahnemann Homoeopathy Medical College , After two years of Clinical exposure, persuaded her post-graduation from Saradha Krishna Homoeopathy Medical College .She has interview in satellite channels, published scientific articles in Journals and public awareness programs.  She is  presenting a case of Bell’s palsy treated with Causticum 



Presenting complaints

  A  Male  53 years presented  the complaints of  weakness and drooping of lower part of the face towards the right side since 2 weeks. (Refer plate 1) He had difficulty in closing the left eye, difficulty in chewing foods, loss of sensation over the lower part of the left side of the face and pain inside the left ear. His complaints started after a travel, exposure to dry cold air, associated with tiredness of the body. He was unable to do the work even for two hours.  He is a known Diabetic since  one year

Past History

H/O typhoid fever at the age of 42 years on 2007, took modern medicine and recovered.
H/O angioplasty done on 2009 when he was  44 years old
H/O  right sided facial palsy on 2013 at the age of 50yrs, took modern medicine treatment with physiotheraphy recovered with in 12 weeks.

Family History

Father died at the age of 83yrs due to ageing,
Mother is known diabetic,
Sibilings: 2,1-elder brother, 1-younger sister

Treatment History

Appetite: diminished since 1 week.
Thirst:  taking 2-2 ½ ls /day dryness of mouth with thirst.
Urine: frequency 7/ 3,with burning micturation.
Stool: once /day with itching in the anus while passing stool.
Sleep: disturbed due to increased frequency of urination.
Perspiration: scanty over the face while physical exertion
Thermal relation: hot
Desire: cold climate,
Bathing : warm water    Fanning: needed
Covering: aversion        Prefer warm drinks
likes spicy foods
Aversion : bitter guard
Complexion : dark,
Non vegetarian
Habit:  H/o smoking 10 cigarettes/day for about 15yrs before 10 yrs,now stopped
Habit of taking 4-5cups of tea /day

General Examination  

BP: 130/80mm of Hg; PR: 78 beats/minute;
T- 98.6 degreeF;Ht: 158cms; Wt: 74kg

Systemic Examination   

Neurological Examination:
Angle of Mouth: drooping  towards right side
Bell’s phenomena: present in left eye
Sensory loss: left cheek
Nasolabial fold : right sided is  more prominent than the Left sided
Buccinator: left sided muscle weakness,Escape of air on blowing

Diagnosis: left sided Bell’s palsy

Evaluation and Analysis

Dark complexion,right to left side,Ailments from long travelling in draft of dry cold air,Drooping of lower part of the face towards  right side, associated with numbness of the lower part of the left side of the face with difficulty in chewing foods and difficulty in closing the left eye,as well as pain inside the left ear. Tiredness of the body++

Plate 1 Plate 2

First Prescription                       

1. Causticum-200/1D
2. Phytum / ( 3-0-3) bf  for 2weeks

Follow Up 1                                                               1.12.208:

  • Patient feels better
  • Drooping of lower part of the face towards right side,associated with numbness of the lower part of the left side of the face  is mildly reduced,
  • difficulty in chewing foods is reduced,
  • difficulty in closing the left eye is improved
  • pain inside the left ear persist,
  • tiredness of the body persist
  • appetite: improved,stool: itching in the anus while passing stool persist,sleep improved, urine frequency 6/2

O/E: Bell’s phenomena reduced++,drooping reduced+, Sensory loss-left cheek improved+,buccinators-weakness reduced+,nasolabial fold prominence of left side improved+
  . 1. Rubrum /1D
     2. phytum /(3-0-3) bf for 2 weeks


Follow Up 2                                                              15.12.2018

Patient feels better,Drooping of lower part of the right side of the  face reduced,numbness of the lower part of the left side of the face is reduced,difficulty in chewing foods reduced,difficulty,difficulty in closing the left eye is  improved,pain inside the left ear improved but < while bathing,tiredness of the body is reduced
App: good, stool : no itching in the anus while passing stool, urine frequency 6/2, sleep: refreshed
 o/e: Bell’s phenomena reduced+++,drooping reduced++,sensory loss-left cheek improved++,buccinators-weakness reduced++,nasolabial fold prominence of left side improved++

     1. Rubrum /1d
    2. Phytum/(3-0-3)bf for 2 weeks

Follow Up 3                                                               5.1.2019                                                        

No drooping of lower part of the right side of the face, absent of numbness of the face,ability to chew foods without difficulty, able to close the eyes easily,pain inside the left ear is absent, patient had no tiredness of the body and able to work. App: good, stool: regular, urine: 4/0:sleep: refreshed (Refer Plate II)

O/e: Bell’s phenomenon absent No drooping, No Sensory loss,buccinator: no escape of air while blowing,nasolabial fold equal on both sides


 In homoeopathic system, totality of  symptoms can solely be enough to hasten the restoration of the dynamically dearranged vital force of an  individual disease ,along with Totality of symptoms , key note symptoms of the drug can also be considered to cure the patient.As per foot note of aphorism 153,A neurological case of  Bell's palsy is treated with causticum as exact simlimum and got relieved without any allied management within short duration. Hence same has been explained by our stalwart Dr. Constantine Herring in other ways as a three legged stool.