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May 2015|Volume 12|Issue 5
May 2015|Vol 12|Issue 5

Audit Reports misappropriation of funds in TNHMC


          The local fund audit, city audit under the Auditor General reports on misappropriation of funds of the council in Tamil Nadu Homoeopathy Medical Council. In accordance to the Tamil Nadu Homoeopathy System of Medicine and practitioners of Homoeopathy Rules 1973, the Rule 15 states that funds of the council should be deposited on council name and 16 (1) states that account shall be in state bank of India . The Rule 16(2) states that only registrar is authorized to receive any money. The Rule 19 emphasize the account is operated by Registrar and president or any member authorized by council.
         The council conducted CME programs in various places and the delegate fees and sponsor fees were deposited under Dr.N.V.Sugathan’s name in a private bank at Anna Nagar, Chennai violating the provisions of the act. The council also not authorized him. The audit report for the year objected in 2011 -2012, 2012-2014 and directed to transfer the account to the Nationalized bank and also directed the council to give reasons for such operation. The audit report also reported the accounts are ill maintained and amounts were not credited properly in the main account operated in state bank of India. Prof.Dr.Suseela Rufus, the executive member had objected when the meeting attempted to ratify without the details of accounts for organized CME programs and operation on Dr. N.V. Sugathan’s name.

         Earlier in 2009-2010, 2010-2011 the audit reported Thiru C. Soundarajan, former Registrar i/c of the council misuses the council funds 4,00,000 and fake fixed deposit number had been furnished for 1 lakh fund. The audit also questioned the transfer of funds from Prema Mary Kasthuri, the Assistant of the council. The council meeting ratified this misuse of funds deposited by registered medical practitioner’s earnings and offered voluntary retirement without any punishment to them
         In September 2011, a media brought forward that Dr.G.P.Hahnemann former President of the council is trying to misuse AYUSH funds. He gave a police complaint against a doctor in this connection to threaten him to withdraw his proceedings and case against the council. Dr.G.P.Hahnemann abused his power of the President and Tamil Nadu Government advisor posts.

         The Homoeopathy community in Tamil Nadu observes, whispers and keep silent since the president and members may threaten them in the name of disciplinary action and may remove their name from Medical Register