May 2011|Volume 8|Issue 5
May 2011|Vol 8|Issue 5


World Homoeopathic Day…


Dear Readers,
       Homoeopathy fraternity celebrates the 256th birth anniversary of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann all over the world.The wonderful day is remembered as world Homoeopathic day. Seminars, public awareness programs, free medical, camps are being organized by the organizations to commemorate the birth anniversary celebrations.

        Despite of curdles faced by the Homoeopathic community, the marvelous system has grown up and the growth is reflected in the drug industry marketing. Globally the homoeopathy market is estimated at Rs 4,600 crores in 2012, reflecting 30% Indian Homoeopathy treatment.

      The world prefers different systems of medicine understanding the merits and demerits in each systems of medicine. Eventhough the people are aware of the merits of the alternative and complementary systems the public awareness is limited to the literary areas. Each system needs grass root level awareness.

      Homoeopathy excels better treatment towards many illnesses, particularly in many incurable diseases. Hahnemann had contributed the theory of chronic disease to handle such cases. Many of us are not aware of the truth and obsessed with some fixed ideas. Todays findings of many scientific schools of homoeopathy propagate them as new, but all are derived from Hahnemann’s writings only, nothing new

      Every homoeopath should dedicate themselves in understanding the philosophy and messages contributed by Hahnemann. The individual approach and his contributions of cases with evidence based study would promote the growth of Homoeopathy.

with regards